When You Are Facing The Fire

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Hebrews 2:11-18
who do you trust when times are tough? Do we have the faith to give our trials and burdens to God. He will give us strength to deal with crisis and tribulations. We must rely on Him through prayer and understanding.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Tom, Bernie and Rick enter stage right. They have obviously just come back from fighting a fire, and are congratulating each other and their fine work. They all move to center stage.

Tom: Great job, guys! Really a team effort!

Bernie: I haven’t seen anything that exciting in a long time!

Rick: Yeah, I know what you mean! There hasn’t been a fire that challenging since that old pallet warehouse went up like a match back in ’79!

Bernie: It’s times like this that you really call on your experience to back you up!

Tom: Speaking of experience, did any of you guys see that new guy down at the scene?

Rick: Yeah, I did. I thought for sure he was going to run home to Mommy!

(Rick and Tom chuckle to themselves.)

Bernie: Oh, come on guys! Give the kid a break! This was his first big call. I’m sure you can remember going out on your first call. It’s not easy the first time. But at least you’ve got the best of everything working for you.

(The men begin talking again about the fire while Joey enters stage right. Joey is obviously flustered and shocked. The others nod in his direction as Joey enters center stage.)

Bernie, (slowly): Hi, uh, big guy! How are you doing?

Joey, (in shock): How am I doing? How am I doing? That was the most surreal thing I have ever seen! I have never been so close to a real fire before!

Tom, (laughing): Sure nothing like what they put you through in training, is it son?

Joey: You can say that again!

Rick: Are you going to be alright, kid? You look like your brain is swimming!

Joey: Well, I guess it is. I have a lot of questions.

Bernie: I know what you are thinking, Joey. I asked myself the same questions every time I go out to one of these fires.

Joey: You do?

Bernie: Yep. I always wonder why kids couldn’t do something better with their time instead of causing trouble like this that could have really hurt people. I’m afraid that you won’t find any answers.

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