A Lesson Learned

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7:24-27

the points made in scripture are meant for all of us In this drama two men from Jesus' time are talking about the Savior. Jesus offered them a challenge and it changed their lives forever. Give up my treasures and give all to the poor. Should I? Join Yoram and Hosah as they try to deal with these new ideas. This script is based on the premise that even though certain things in the scriptures are spoken directing to certain people, the point is frequently being made to us all. It uses the story of the rich man who comes to Jesus asking what he needs to do to have eternal life. (Matthew 19:16-20:16, Mark 10:17-31, Luke18:18-30). This could be done as a monologue, with very little extra effort. There is already a rather long monologue at the end (about 3 pages). A monologue could give an actor a range of characters to become. Hosah (middle aged), Yoram (probably late twenties to early thirties), and of course our Lord.

Sample of script:

At LIGHTS UP, HOSAH ENTERS. He is a middle-aged to older man. He does not show signs of hard labor, but of a past of affluence. He is wearing typical clothing of the New Testament times, however, it is not finery; it is the clothing of the poorer classes. He looks around, looking a little lost.

HOSAH: I think that’s everything. I have my staff, my empty purse, and a change of clothes. I believe that I am ready. It is time to begin my new life. No more fine clothes, no more riches...He touches his hand to his chest and feels a necklace. Then reaches into his cloak and removes it, and gives it a long look.

HOSAH: Shaking his head, then a deep sigh.

I almost forgot this. An heirloom from my father, who received it from his father...and the list goes backwards for a lot of generations.

(Looking at the audience and addressing them) Gold, and some very nice jewels. Worth a fortune, here...but in heaven, worthless.(He drops it on the ground, and then looks up to heaven)

Lord, let someone who truly needs it, find it. (He turns back to address the audience) I have sold all that I owned, and have given the money to the poor. Now I go to follow the Teacher. I pray that He will accept me.

You see, the words He spoke, He spoke not to me, but to a friend of mine, Yoram. Well, friend is not the best term, we weren’t friends, but I knew him well. He is still what I was, a very wealthy man.

Yoram is young, and a member of the ruling class of people. He also traded far and wide, which helped to build his affluence. That is how I met him.

(Remembering) A few months back, I was camped near an oasis, just outside of Jericho. Yoram came to visit me one night. I was glad to see him,... he is a man of influence, and not afraid to spend a denarius or two...(Smiling) ...or fifty, if you have the right products.

There is a campsite setting off to the side. HOSAH moves to that setting, and just prior to his lines, gestures YORAM into his camp. YORAM is wearing clothes of the wealthy class of people during the Second Temple period.

Note: One does not draw near the fire of another without being asked, it’s considered the same as walking in to their home.

As this is a “flashback” there is no need for a different costume for HOSAH.

HOSAH: Yoram! Come. Sit. I welcome you to my fire.

YORAM: Thank you, Hosah. You are always a generous host.

HOSAH: What good is having some wealth, if one cannot share it with his worthy friends. We can share some wine, some food, a little more wine...and a few stories as well.

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