Singing With the Saints

  • Cast Number: 21
  • Run-time: 90 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:35-40
A three act musical drama by Mel Whittington, (using common, readily available songs), is all about “One Faith. God IS. God Cares. God intervenes for individual person’s benefit. And the Kingdom of God is Here!”
A family with the male members struggling to accept God’s influence in their lives encounter “Joshua” who turns their world around, and headed back to God.

Sample of script:

Ante / Overture

The song director, Pastor Terry, and choir are in the sanctuary rehearsing for the Testimony/Gospel Singing event to be held soon.

Pastor Terry: Welcome choir to the rehearsal for our upcoming Gospel singing and testimony event which will be held at the church here in just a short time. As we rehearse we need to remember that the words to these songs will be listed in the program, and the audience will be expected to sing along with the choir. So, let’s get practicing!

Pastor Terry directs choir in: "Singing With The Saints" and "When God Dips His Love In My Heart".

Pastor Terry: That was great! Most of you were here last year when we had this type of service. Just remember to relax, have fun, go with the flow, and remember our job is to make it easier for the Holy Spirit to speak to all the guests that are brought in. Good night. See you at the "Singing".

choir exits talking to each other, saying good bye, etc. Sue goes to the altar, alone, to pray, Pastor Doug comes on stage

Pastor Doug: Oh, Hi Sue. I didn't realize someone was still in here. Is there something I can pray with you about?

Sue: Thanks, Pastor Doug. I'm just finishing up with my usual prayers, you know, for the church - my extended family and for Sharon and Ray and the kids. I'll just be a few more minutes, if you don't mind.

Pastor Doug: Not at all. You take all the time you need. I'll check the rest of the church and be back in a few minutes.

Sue, praying aloud: O Lord, thank you again for being so near and loving to me. You've been a great comfort all these years -especially since Dan died. I know he's there with you. Tell him how much I love him and miss him. (pause) Father, once again I lift up my family to you. I thank you and praise you for my daughter-in-law, Sharon, and her deep faith in you. I thank you that, now, Tiffany has discovered and accepted your love. She's such a beautiful granddaughter!

Lord, I am moved with such compassion for my son, Ray. He is still hurting so much about his Dad's death, that I'm worried that he has turned so far away from you that his heart has become hardened to your influence. Father, I feel such a deep burden for Ray and grandsons, Danny and Jeff. Please send someone to witness to them and draw them back to you. He used to love you and serve you. Don't let their hurt keep them from knowing your love. Oh, Father, let them meet Jesus. It is in the mighty, loving name of Jesus that I ask it. Amen.

Go to black.

SETTING: Barkley family living room/den. Couch, two easy chairs and tables, TV. Mother, Sharon Barkley, has obviously been folding clothes while watching TV. Dad, Ray Barkley is sitting with his feet up, drinking a beverage with one eye on the TV and the other on his 13 y/o daughter, Tiffany who is intensely pleading for a new pair of jeans. The request is not going well for her. Jeffrey appears to doing his home work at the nearby dinette table, but is also watching his family's interaction. Lower-middle economic class family of husband, wife, 13 year old daughter, 17 year old son living in a small home in urban, mid-America city of about 1-300, 000 population. There is a 20 year old son who lives on his own. The time is "now".

Lights up.

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