The Wonderful Journey

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 60 minutes

Marriage Enrichment drama skit looks at stages in a family life, from dating through child rearing to old age. A tender and touching Christian drama with moments of comedy.
This is a six act drama, with the couple aging in each segment. The same two characters could be used throughout the drama, or different aged actors in each segment.
Excellent for dinner theatre

A substantial part of the speaking is recorded, ensure that the sound is clear and that the rehearsing is very well done in order that the actors perfectly react to the lines. We recommend that the actors memorize all of their lines, including taped portion in order that it be real.

Costumes: Costumes should reflect the various stages of life

Dinner and dessert breaks can be set between any scenes, but likely would happen between Scene 5 and 6.

Sample of script:

Scene 1- Dating

Scene opens as couple is sitting together on a park bench. They are obviously nervous.

She: Nice night, huh?

He, (looking up): Uh, yeah! Nice!

She, (looking up): Quite dense, really.

He, (offended): What? Why I never . . .

She: The sky! It’s really quite dense with stars. Don’t you think?

He: Oh, the sky! Right, yeah. Lots of those stars.

short uncomfortable pause

She: I had a really nice time tonight. I never thought I would ever be at the stock car races 6 nights in a row!

He: Well, I had a two-for-one coupon that was going to expire next Tuesday. I knew you weren’t doing nothin’ so I figured, why not?!

She, (in love): How romantic!

He: I’m just that way, I guess.

short uncomfortable pause

She: What are you thinking about . . .?

He, (interrupting): Do you have any gum?

She, (surprised): Gum? Well, I uh, well, just let me see.

SHE checks her purse, the next bit of dialogue is his and her taped thoughts. As the tape plays, the actors react to these thoughts

She, (frantic): Gum? What on earth does he mean by that? What kind of a cryptic message could he be sending me?

He: Man, I sure hope she has some gum!

She: Is he trying to politely tell me that my breath could use some refreshing? Should I not have had that extra piece of garlic toast at supper?

He: Man, I’m hopin’ she at least has a piece of Bubble Juicy!

She: Well he did say the leftover piece of toast was mine! So if he thinks for one minute that I am sorry about a little bit of un-fresh breath, he’s mistaken! Who does he think he is offering things to people and then wishing they hadn’t taken them?!

He: Maybe she has a couple pieces and we could share. I heard chicks really go for that sharin’ stuff.

She: You think you know someone after six dates. Really! I feel at this point that we are complete strangers. I really don’t know him at all.

He: I know she has gum! Why I know her so well, I know she keeps it in the outside pocket of that bag she carries. She always has gum. Dates 2 and 4 she was right ready there with that Peppermint Chewy. Good ol’, . . . what’s her name again?

She: All I really know about him is that he’s this tall, dark haired guy with a great smile. That smile. He really does know how to win me over with that smile.

He: She’s so great. She didn’t even seem to mind when I had that big hunk of corn stuck between my front teeth and I really had to grit my teeth hard to get it out! She just kept on smilin’ at me!

She: He seems to flash that smile at me when I least expect it. Oh, and those dimples!

He: That corn sure was stuck! Boy oh, boy did I have to work at that little baby!

She: He is such a gentleman! All through our relationship he has always held the door open for me, too. Well, except for date four.

He: She sure seems to be taken with me. Despite that one little slip up on our fourth date.

She: I’m sure everyone’s forgotten their date in the lobby of the movie theatre and left them there for 45 minutes.

He: I mean, I hadn’t seen good ol’ Jack for almost 2 years, and there he was inside the movie theatre! I didn’t even realize she wasn’t with me – she’s usually pretty quiet, anyway. I figured she was just enjoying the movie like I was!

She: Oh, how can I stay mad at him? He’s perfect! But, wait! Maybe that’s the problem! He’s too perfect! How am I going to manage to hold on to this terrific guy when I have so many faults!

He: My eyelids! That’ll really cement things between us! I gotta show her how I can turn my eyelids inside out!

She: There he is – a perfect specimen of a man, and here I am, full of faults and imperfections! Maybe that’s why he asked if I had any gum – in his own amazing way, he is trying to help me help me become a better person! Wow! What a man!

He: Wait a minute! I could teach her how to turn her eyelids inside out, too! You never know when that may come in handy!

She: Sure! That’s it! He really wants to give this relationship a chance! Work with what you have, that kind of thing! What a guy! (pause) But, then again, what am I - chopped liver? All of a sudden he’s Mr. Dreamboat and I’m Harriet Halitosis, is that it?

He: I heard that chicks really dig nicknames. Let’s see what I can come up with.

She: Well excuse me, Mr. I-don’t-think-you’re-good-enough-so-here-have-some-gum-to-try-and-hide-some-of-the-more-obvious-imperfections!!

He: No, maybe nicknames aren’t the way to go. They can get way too gushy and embarrassing. After all, any girl in her right mind would have to have one of those dreamboat nicknames for a guy like me!

She: Okay, let’s take a reality check here. What does he expect from this relationship? What kind of person does he want me to become? What is truly in his heart right now?

He: What is taking so long? How hard can it be to find one lousy stick of gum in that purse?

actors go back to live delivery

She: Here we are, my last stick of Bubble Juicy gum, just for you!

He: No way! You are awesome! And you sure smell good too. Reminds me of the air freshener strip I had in my old 62 Pontiac. Now that was some car, I gotta tell ya

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