Honour Your Sister

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs 11:16
OK, so you honour your father and mother, that’s what we are told to do in the Bible, but it doesn’t say you have to honour your rotten little sister when she is mean and yucky and she . . ooops, . . where was I?
What does God expect from us when dealing with our siblings?

Cast: 3
Rick (brother)
Jenna (sister)
Offstage voice of Mom

Sample of script:

Jenna comes on stage, playing with a doll
Rick comes on stage

Jenna: Stay away from my doll clothes!

Rick: Like I am gonna go anywhere even close to your stupid doll stuff!

Jenna: Well if you do I call Mom!

Rick: Jenna you always go crying to Mom!

Jenna: Your fault, you’re always bugging me!

Jenna starts to cry

Rick: Cry baby!

Jenna: Mom! . . . . . Rick is bugging me again!

Mom’s off stage voice: Rick! Don’t bug your sister!

Rick: Well she’s being such a cry baby!

Mom’s off stage voice: Jenna don’t be a cry baby!

Jenna: Mom you always stick up for Rick!

Mom’s off stage voice: Rick be nice to your favourite sister.

Rick: Mom, Jenna is my only sister.

Mom’s off stage voice: I noticed, it works better that way.

Jenna: Did you ever get the idea that our parents don’t take us seriously?

Rick: Do you think?

Rick picks up a book and starts to read, Jenna goes behind and reads over his shoulder
Rick tries to ignore, gets more and more frustrated

Rick: Go read your own book Jenna!

Jenna: But I like reading your book Rick!

Rick: Too bad, it’s my book so get lost and go read your own book!

Jenna: But Rick, my books are all like no fun.

Rick: Tough luck, now let me read!

Rick goes back to reading, Jenna looks over his shoulder

Rick, hands Jenna the book: Fine, have the book, I’ll read another book!

Rick picks up another book, Jenna, big smile, reads her book
after a few seconds Jenna looks around, walks behind Rick and reads over his shoulder

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