Coping With Sovereignty

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 1:11

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Attempting to understand the sovereignty of God

Cast:              3
Woman, likely younger middle age
Teen, girl (pregnant)
Person, onstage narrator (male or female)

Lighting:       some lighting control would be useful, (but not essential), to isolate actors


Sample of script:           


Woman comes on stage, stands looking sadly downward, speaks


Woman:          Hi, how are things?
smiles sad smile, shakes head
Silly question, right?
I mean, things are always A1 there, I mean, after all . . .
Me, things are, . . you know . ., kinda like . .  OK.
Jenna, she had her birthday yesterday . .
Sorry, like you are gonna forget your daughter’s birthday, I mean . . Duh!
shakes head
Can you believe it?
Our Jenna, a teenager!
Like where did the time go?
I remember her first birthday; you got her that great big old football!
Yes you did, you big old lout!
A football, for your daughter’s first birthday!
Like what kinda thinking is that, I ask you?
starts to cry, wipes a tear, smiles
Thinking from the heart is what.
And Jenna loved you for it . . . loves you.
shakes head, trying to compose herself
So . . . anyhow . . let’s see . . .
What else is going on around the house?
Our clothes dryer is down for the count.
Lucky it’s so hot out; at least I can hang the clothes on the line.
I priced out a new dryer . ..
Good luck there!
I asked the salesman where they hid the gold, the way they price appliances anymore!
And our car died on the way home from work last night.
Dad looked at it but those computerized electronic systems are way beyond him.
So looks like me and the bus driver are gonna get to know each other real good.
Anyway . .  what else?
Oh and Dan Junior, he’s . . OK, . . . struggling a bit, misses you a lot.
He needs a dad!
breaks down, crying
Oh Dan, how could God do that to our family?
Taking you . . the cancer . .  when we need you so desperately?
You always said God was sovereign, that all things were under his control . .
How could a sovereign God take you away from me?

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