Love Ya Like A Brother, Kinda

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Peter 2:17

Theme:            Family relationships can be very frustrating because we make family the most important thing in the world. While the family should be a high-priority according to the Bible, our highest priority must be that we have our needs and our joy and satisfaction met by God first. Once we get these things from God, we can relax and allow our family to make mistakes and to sometimes let us down. We are just not as critical of those around us if our ultimate needs are met in God.  The irony is the less we absolutely need family be the ultimate source of our happiness, the more we see family as enjoyable companions in life - flaws and all. 


Bible Reference:         1Peter 2:17


Cast:                3 (can be male or female, likely middle age)


Set:                blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Time:          4 


Sample of script:           


actors are standing on stage, close together


Fred:               Wow, that was some weekend with my two favorite cousins. I had a blast for sure!


Jed:                 So glad you invited me along Fred, it just doesn’t get any better than a rainy weekend in a motorhome with family.


Ted:                 Glad you fell in love with my TravelSnug Deluxe motorhome.


Fred:               What’s not to love about your motorhome Ted? . .  Twelve feet long and six feet wide for three guys to share, with two bunks, a sometimes hot propane stove, an ice box cooler that keeps food un-hot and a stand up bathroom.  . . Leaving lots of room for the three of us so long as we keep our elbows down and don’t all breathe out at the same time.


Jed:                 Well, I gotta tell you I slept like a log every night.


Ted:                 Yeh, I could tell every time you hit a knot Jed.


Jed:                 Sorry Ted, you mean I was snoring?


Ted:                 Well either that or the US Air Force was doing manoeuvres directly over you.


Jed:                 Sorry Ted. . . And thanks for being our chef for the weekend. I guess I always knew macaroni and cheese and peanut butter could be main course meals, I just never thought of mixing them together for a single meal, three times a day.


Fred:               I know there were times this weekend when being in cramped quarters things were bound to get a bit tense, but it was good.


Ted:                 The old saying is that after three days family are like fish, they start to smell.

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