Stranger In The City

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 18 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 7:1-29

Theme:            The Syrophenician woman deals with having a demon possessed daughter

Bible Reference:         Mark 7:1-29


Cast:                9+
Miriam - Syrophenician woman
Priscilla – demon possessed daughter of Miriam
Daughter1 – daughter of Miriam
Daughter2 – daughter of Miriam
Ruth – Miriam’s sister - very critical; believes that her daughter is the way she is because of sin
Martha – Miriam’s sister
Phoebe – Neighbor
Johanna – Neighbor, she sings – “A Stranger in the City”  (Music not provided)
crowd as available


Set:                Scene 1 – Miriam’s Home – living room
Scene 2 – blank stage
Scene 3 – Miriam’s Home – living room


Lighting:       standard


Sound:           Song: “Stranger In The City”  Inez Andrews, available on YouTube


Costumes:     likely traditional


Time:             18


Sample of script:           


Scene 1 – Miriam’s Home


Miriam, Daughter1 and Daughter2 come on stage, talking


 Miriam:          I simply don’t understand . . . What can be the problem?
You two should be betrothed, if not already married.
You have looks, you can cook, what more can any man want?
Here I am, a widowed lady alone, with three daughters, what am I to do?


Daughter1:      Well Mom, it’s not as if I’m dragging my heels on marriage . . . Just send me any great looking, rich farmer with 10,000 sheep, 500 camels and the cattle on a thousand hills and I am good to go on marriage.


Daughter2:      I am not nearly as picky as my sister. Just give me a very old, very rich man with no livestock but with a severe and degenerative heart condition and I am in love.


Miriam:           You girls make jokes, but the fact is you need husbands and now. What am I to do?


Priscilla comes on stage, sits on floor, eyes closed, rocking back and forth, humming tuneless song


Daughter1:      Maybe if you start by moving her out of the house it would help.


Daughter2:      Our family is known as the one with the weird daughter.


Priscilla stands, screams at the others, pulls at her own hair and clothing


Daughter1:      That for sure is attractive! . . . What chance do we have of getting a husband when people think this whole family is mental?


Daughter2:      Mom, you don’t know what it is like to have everyone talk behind your back, point and whisper.


Miriam, angry: You say I don’t know? . . . You would dare say I don’t know?


Daughter1:      You don’t have to be around our friends when they make fun of us.


Miriam, angry: Don’t you ever go there! . . Never say such a thing! . . Don’t forget I am her mother! . I am the one known as “the mother of the imbecile”! . . I am the one who must face the stares and the glares every time I go to the market! . . Even worse, I am the one that is . . pitied! . .
(makes a face)
“Oh you poor dear!”
“Such a burden you must carry!”
“Giving life to the deranged one!”
Yes it is what I hear daily!
So don’t you ever infer that I have it easy!


Daughter2:      Sorry Mom, I just thought . . .


Miriam:           No you did not think! . . . Had you thought before you spoke you would never have made such a cruel statement!


Daughter1:      Mom, we . .


Miriam:           Get out of my sight! . . . Go!


Daughters quickly leave the stage

Miriam looks at Priscilla, shakes her head, cries

A knock, Ruth, Martha, Phoebe and Johanna come on stage

They look at Priscilla, try to ignore her


Miriam:           What brings all of you to my house?


Ruth:               Perhaps, Miriam, you have forgotten that Martha and I are your sisters?


Miriam:           No Ruth, I have not forgotten, but you are hardly a frequent visitor.


Martha:           And visiting with you is hardly the pleasant event that one looks forward to, what with . . (points to Priscilla) . . .with her . . . acting up as she does.


Ruth:               It is only because we love you and want the best for you that we make the substantial effort to be here.


Martha:           One would think you would be grateful that we come dear.


Miriam, phoney:         
Of course Martha, I am grateful beyond words!


Phoebe, points to Johanna:     
Johanna and I just came as concerned neighbors; we wonder if there is anything we can do to assist in some way.


Johanna:          We really do want to help if we can.


Priscilla screams at others, then moves to upstage location, sits on the floor and rocks back and forth


Miriam:           What do all of you suggest? . .  Tell me what I can do with . . . (points at Priscilla) . . with her.


Ruth:               First you must go to the temple and make a sin offering.


Miriam:           A sin offering? . . I am human, I sin, but for which particular sin am I confessing?


Martha:           Only you can know the sin which caused God’s wrath.


Ruth:               Only you and God that is.


Miriam:           God’s wrath?


Ruth:               My Eli says it is clear that you committed a grievous sin against God that God would so affect this . . . (points to Priscilla) . . this . . . person, . . . this . . . thing.


Miriam:           Oh your husband says that does he?


Ruth:               My Eli serves in the temple and he knows these things.


Miriam:           Your husband Eli is an idiot and the whole town laughs at him behind his back!


Martha:           If you will remember our Mother warned you not to marry Max.


Ruth:               We all knew there had been generations of mental illness in Max’s family.


Miriam:           The only reason you were all against Max is because his father died penniless.


Martha:           Take a sin offering, go to the temple and admit that you sinned! . .  Perhaps God may forgive you and might even remove the curse.


Miriam:           Get out of here, all of you!


Martha:           Fine you ungrateful fool. . .  But you know we are right!


Ruth and Martha start off stage


Phoebe:            If there is anything we can do to help . . .


Miriam, laugh: You heard my sisters. . . I am the demon possessed mother of a demon possessed daughter! . .  Now leave me alone!


Phoebe leaves


Johanna:          There is a stranger in the city.


Miriam:           A stranger? . . . Tyre is full of strangers.


Johanna:          This is a different kind of stranger.


Miriam:           Different? . .  How different, in what way?


Johanna:          He is a man of God.


Miriam:           Just what I need Johanna . . . another temple preacher. . .  to tell me what I have done wrong.


Johanna:          He is different Miriam. . . . He heals people.


Miriam:           I have tried all the doctors.


Johanna:          You should see Jesus.


Miriam:           Jesus?


Johanna:          He is Jesus of Nazareth. Some say he is the Messiah. . . He heals the blind, causes those who can’t walk to jump and run. . .  And just last week he raised someone from the dead.


Miriam:           If only I could believe . . .


Johanna sings “Stranger In The City” by Inez Andrews

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