Discipled Generation Rap

  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Daniel 11:33-35

Theme:            A rap talks about being a Christian example to the younger generation

Bible Reference:         Daniel 11:33-35


Cast:                as available


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:             5


Sample of script:           


Want to find good medicine?

Go and get a cheery heart

Stay away from broken spirit

‘Cause it tears your bones apart.


Want a bunch of good possessions?

Go and give to poor neighbors

But if you laugh at his needs

You’ll be cursed for your labors


Doncha worry ‘bout tomorrow

God’s in charge, he’s on the job

No matter what he faces

He controls the evil mob


You are gonna know the truth

And the truth is what you need

For you’ll be a great disciple

And your truth will make you freed


You and all you’ll ever be

That's what God expects of you

Doncha be like those around you

To your God you give his due


Hey your body is a temple

Holy temple of the Lord

If you corrupt that sacred temple

Gonna lose God’s great reward.


If you live a life of evil

If your lifetime’s full of sin

You’re not welcome in the kingdom

And you’ll never come within.


Everything you’re gonna do in life

Please God and not your friend

Live heartily and freely

And a message that will send

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