The Lonely Times

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 25:16-18

Theme:            It’s another day at the Senior’s Drop In Center and a group of Christian ladies are discussing their lonely feelings. Lonely comes in many forms, for many reasons.

Bible Reference:         Psalm 25:16-18


Cast:                4, to appear as senior ladies


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:        standard


Time:             7


Sample of script:          


Marie & Jessie come on stage, Norma & Beth sit apart from the others, overhearing some


Marie:              We come here every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 PM. . . . Tell me again why we do it?


Jessie:              You know very well why we come to the Seniors Drop In Center Marie! . . We have tea and a cookie and beautiful talks with all our friends.


Marie:              Oh right Jessie . . . silly me, I forgot about the stimulating conversations with Freeda over there. . .  I’m sure I have only heard her tell about her hip surgery maybe a thousand times. . . . Or old Charlie over there asking if I want to see his latest EKG results.


Jessie:              They are just lonely Marie.


Marie:              Well, so am I! . . . So is every single in this place! . .  You are lucky . . . you’ve got your Edward there 24/7.


Jessie:              Yes lucky me! . . . I get to see him sitting in front of the TV, sound asleep, never a word from him for hours.
(touches Marie’s arm)
Sorry Marie, I do know I am fortunate having Edward with me. . . I know how hard it’s been on you since Roger passed.


Marie:              No Jessie . . . I don’t really think you can even imagine how hard its been. I never had any idea how lonely it is in a house filled with memories of almost 50 years, always expecting Roger would just walk in that door and . . .


Norma moves to Marie & Jessie


Norma:            Hi girls, mind if I join you?


Jessie:              Come on in and pull up a chair Norma.


Norma:            What with the long faces girls?


Marie:              Ever noticed back when we were young we would always address our friends as “ladies” . . . As in . . “how ya doin’ ladies?”
Now you get to our age and it’s . .  “hey girls?”


Jessie:              Guess we always thought things would be so much bigger and better after we got to . . . an older age . . . . any older age.


Marie:              Guess it’s human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.


Norma:            Actually the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. . . . But the water bills are higher too.
But back to my question . . . Why the sad faces?


Jessie:              Marie and I were just discussing the lonelies.


Norma:            The lonelies?


Marie:              Dealing with being alone after a life partner is gone.


Jessie:              And dealing with married life in the retirement years in those cases when communications just doesn’t happen.


Norma:            I can’t imagine.


Marie:              You are lucky Norma, never marrying; you don’t have to go through all of this.


Norma:            And you arrive at this conclusion exactly how?


Marie:              Well it would seem to me you can’t miss what you’ve never had.


Jessie:              Marie, you can’t be serious, saying that. . . Having someone there, who cares, is something important in every age, and stage, in life.


Norma:            Funny you know, looking back . . . I always thought I would have that special one in my life. . . . And when it didn’t happen early on in life, I didn’t think too much of it . .  I was busy, with my career. . . But I always expected Mr. Right would be along. . .  And then one day my career was over . . . and here I was . . . still alone.


Beth moves to the others


Beth:               Amazing isn’t it? Here we are, . .  all seniors. . And in one way or another, for one reason or another, we are all alone.


Jessie:              I don’t understand Beth. . . . You aren’t alone. . . . You and Bill have . . .


Beth:               Bill announced last week he wants a divorce.

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