Got Jammies?

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:40

Theme:            An announcement when the church is planning a clothes drive, looking to supply children’s clothing . . . in this case actually pyjamas . . . for children who, believe it or not, have never had pyjamas. This skit brings out the real and very basic needs that can be found in many communities.

Nancy Anderson of Westoak Woods Baptist in Texas says
We're very pleased with this script you wrote for me.

Bible Reference:          Matthew 25:40


Cast:                3, male or female


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Props:                          various pieces of clothing


Time:              5


Sample of script:


Reggie comes on stage with an armful of clothing, sorts through it

Mo & Jo come onstage speaking, Reggie half paying attention to what they say


Mo:                 So my Mom brings home this huge load of clothes and I was like . . .  when do you ‘spose I am ever gonna get to wear all this stuff?


Jo:                   Well thing is your mom always did like to spoil you Mo! . . . Never before or since have I seen as many clothes as were always there in your closet when we were kids.


Mo:                 That was then, this is now Jo. . . . And now is I gotta pay for my own new clothes. So I am officially on bare minimum new clothes inventory.


Jo:                   Does make a difference when we buy our own clothes, for sure Mo.


Mo:                 Yep, now I got maybe four or five real dressy-up clothes and about a ton of old stuff in my closets.


Jo:                   Me too Mo, and the old stuff just like keeps going to the back of the closet. Outta sight, outta mind!


Mo:                 Well Jo, I’m thinking of making another room in the basement just for somewhere to put my old clothes.


Reggie moves toward the others


Reggie:            Excuse me guys, I couldn’t help but hear what you are talking about.


Mo:                 Don’t think we’ve met, I am Mo and this is my friend Jo.


Reggie:            I’m Reggie, I’m from Westoak Woods Church. We are having a kind of drive to collect clothing for some kids in our town who need a hand up right now.


Jo:                   I got just what you are looking for Reggie! I tried to give a buncha stuff to Goodwill but they like said they didn’t have a need for exactly what I got.


Mo:                 Same here Jo, I was actually kinda like hurt when they wouldn’t take my gently used wardrobe selections.


Reggie:            Well guys I am sure we can put your clothing to good use. We need . . .


Jo:                   I got a gem you will like go gaga over! . . . Get this . .  it’s an original Davey Crocket coonskin cap with . . .


Reggie:            Thanks Jo but actually we were more like looking for  . . .


Mo:                 Wait up Reggie, I got something will for sure slay you . . .  Listen . . . how about ballet slippers direct from the New York City Ballet!


Reggie:            No that’s not really what we had in mind, we more need . . .

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