Mary And Martha

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 10:38-42

Theme:           Mary and Martha in a contemporary setting. While both Mary and Martha were important and beloved people in the ministry of Jesus, they served in very different ways. What do we learn from each?


Bible Reference:          Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-5, 17-32


Cast:                2 (f) plus offstage male voice (may be pre-recorded)


Set:                  Blank stage with 2 tables


Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:              tablecloth, roasting pan, painting (can display just the back), paint brush


Time:              5


Sample of script:           


actors are onstage, Martha cooking, Mary painting


Martha:          What are you doing? . . .  He will be here anytime and we aren’t ready!


Mary:             I’ll be there in just a minute. . .  When he was here last time he said he wanted to see my painting. I am almost finished.


Martha:          That’s wonderful sister but if this pot roast isn't ready and the floors aren’t clean who will notice your painting?


Mary:             He will! . . . Of that I am sure. . . . (looks upward, dreaming) . . .  He is so incredible, so intuitive, so . . .


Martha:          And you are sounding like a love struck schoolgirl. . . 


Mary:             Nothing of the sort, I simply am impressed with the man.


Martha:          Come help me with this tablecloth, it has to be just right.


Mary rises, helps put the tablecloth on the table, Mary isn't paying attention to detail


Martha:          Sister that is not even close to straight, now wake up! . . . I can not believe we came from the same mother!


Mary, smiles: Dad always said God designed me and monkeys on the same day.


Martha:          Just look at this tablecloth, it is crooked!


Mary:             You worry too much! . . . Don’t you remember, Dad always said a man running for his life would never notice the little things and a blind man would be glad to?


Martha:          Sister when will you realize that good enough just isn't good enough? . . . Remember our guest is no ordinary guest.

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