Now Thats A Love Story

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Song ofSolomon
Reflecting on the love story in the Song of Solomon. This drama takes the love story found in Song of Songs and applies it to our daily Christian walk. Uses 2 actors and an offstage voice.

Cast:• Tara is the narrator, could be any age.
• Young girl between 16 and 25
• Solomon any age

Sample of script:

Scene opens as woman, Tara, is reading her Bible. Single spot on her. She takes a deep breath, then closes the Bible.
Tara Wow! That sure was something! I just read the entire book of Song of Solomon – or Song of Songs, if you want to be proper! What beautiful poetry! (Looks at audience.) Oh, you’ve never read it before? Well, let me tell you about it.
(Spot on Tara fades to nothing and spot on young girl comes up)
(Young girls is working hard, at rubbing a piece of clothing against a rock. Wiping the sweat off her brow, etc.)
Young girl Oh, Solomon. My truest love. Can he be for real? Can it really be that he would love me? Just look at me! I’m forced to work outside all day, so my skin has been burned by the sun and my hair matted by the wind. And yet, he claims to love me! Me! Why, he could have any woman he wanted, and yet he wants me!
(Spot goes down on young girl and comes up on Solomon)
Solomon I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is her I want. I will try to explain it, but it would be easier to…to capture a sunbeam in my hand than it would be to put my deep love for her into words. Mere words almost seem an insult to describe my feelings. For I will stumble over pathetic phrases and tired sonnets, while trying to select the perfect description for her beauty. She is beautiful. What makes her even more stunning is the fact that she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is. This whole situation has certainly given the palace gossips something to talk about. Many question why I would waste my time, as they say, with a woman who obviously has not been introduced to the fine things in life. I wish I had an answer for them. All I can say is that (pause) I see something special in her. True, I have many, many women at my disposal who are far more refined who fit in to my way of life. But I just want her. I could describe her in infinite detail, but I shall attempt to sum up her beauty in one word – exquisite.
(Spot goes down on Solomon and comes up on young girl)

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