Special Friend

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs 27:10
saying goodbye to friends, no matter how far apart family and friends may be, we will always be together in spirit

Sample of script:

Tony: Hello Terry, fancy meeting you here at a used car lot today. Didn’t know you were looking for a second car, you just bought a new car ‘bout a month ago, wasn’t it?

Terry: Oh, hi Tony. No, not looking for another car, just killin’ time actually.

Tony: Hey, this car you’re lookin’ at, isn’t it an 89 Honda Civic, same as your old car?

Terry: Yes, same exactly. Miss that old car, really do love that old car.

Tony: You love the old car? How can you love it, it’s not around anymore!

Terry: Well, it’s just that when I drive down the street in my new car, well, it’s nice and everything but . . . . I still think of all the good times I had driving the old car.

Tony: Oh, so you don’t like the new car?

Terry: Yes, I do like the new car very much, it’s gorgeous.

Tony: Oh, I see, you want to have the old car back, huh?

Terry: No, I like the new car, did I tell you about some of the options it has?

Tony: Yeh, wow! But I’m still confused, sounds like you still wish you had the old car. I get it, you want to get it back and have two cars.

Terry: Two cars? Me? What would I do with two cars? Hello!!! I am one person. I can only drive one car at a time. Besides I only have room to park one car.

Tony: Then why are you longing for your old car?

Terry: Longing? Not longing really. Remembering. It’s kind of like, well, if you, my next door neighbor were to move away.

Tony: OK.

Terry: Well, you miss them, and you remember all the good times you had together. But then a new person moves into the house next door. And you become the closest of friends.

Tony: Yeh, and you forget the people who used to live there, right?

Terry: No, that’s exactly the thing. You become the very closest friends with your new neighbours, but, still, the bond with those who used to live there lives on, maybe even grows.

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