To My Lovely Grand Children

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 2 minutes
a wedding toast reading by a grandparent, explaining the need for oneness, and God, in a marriage

Sample of script:

Oh my lovely "grand" children!And so "grand" you are!Today you will receive much advice.Some of the advice will even be valuable.But as one who can claim the wisdom of old age, let me give you advice which will never let you down.Today, my darlings, you begin your life together.Remember that you have had "lives", separate "lives", before today.But, no matter what the world wants you to believe, from this moment on you will have a "life" together.From this moment on, nothing that either of you do will not impact the other partner.From this moment on, no decision either of you make will not touch, in some profound way, and for better or for worse, the other.From this moment on, you do not belong to yourself,From this moment on you belong to each other.

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