When I Can't Be There

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 2 minutes
a wedding toast or blessing for the bride and groom, from a grandmother or other family member or friend who is unable to attend. Tells of how God is always there, in good times and bad.

Sample of script:

To (name of bride and groom)For those times when I can’t be there

I recall, with great joy and fond memories, the special times we have shared . .That is a blessing and a wonderful gift of being a Grandma, or a special friend, or on rare occasions such as this, both . . .

It brings a proud smile to my face, and my heart, as I think back on super special memories which we have made . .

And I think too of times when, because of miles or situations, it wasn’t possible to be physically together . . .. . . . . times like today . . .

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