Losing a Son

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 48:1
A monologue on losing a son. Praying and praising through adversity, questioning God, wondering of there is a God and if he is really in control, to be trusted.

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage

How could he allow it?They call him a loving God, a father.What kind of love would allow a child to die?If he is in control of all things, sees all things, knows all things . . . how could he?

Even a monster would refuse to stand by and allow this to happen, if it was within his power to prevent it.No!No, I refuse to believe that there is a God in control.

For the first time in my life . . .. I wonder if . . he even . . . exists.He was thirteen, just three weeks a teenager. And now he is . . .He was so handsome, that lock of golden hair always hanging down over his left eye. The smile that seemed to live 24/7 on his face. That infectious laughter that caused you to join in, even when he had just raided the cookie jar.

He really can’t be . . gone . . can he?I remember when he was a child, those tiny little fingers, beautiful blue eyes.So often, in his stroller in the mall, people would take a second look, wordlessly smiling their approval.

How could you God?I trusted you God.I trusted in you.I remember back at summer camp, when I was eight. My camp counsellor told us how if we would just place our trust in you . . . . . and I did.

I trusted you God.

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