When God Made You

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 1:27
Human video (mime to music) script of the Newsong song, "When God Made You". . No video or music included..

Sample of script:

At opening mime will be sitting at centerstage, thinking, looking off in downstage, left or right position, frozen

Line 1: It's always been a mystery to me

Action: a slight frown, thinks, hands upward, palms out, moving as though to work through fog

Line 2: How two hearts can come together

Action: stands, move swiftly in ballet steps toward downstage, right hand upward to right moving to chest level, left hand upward to left moving to chest level to grasp right hand

Line 3: And love can last forever

Action: hands outstretched moderately forward at chest level, looking up, smiling, hands clasping, holding opposite arm just above elbow in the form of an embrace

Line 4: But now that I have found you, I believe

Action: looking from left to right, face registers recognition, tips of fingers move to temple while continuing to focus on a downstage imaginary person, moves backward in a few slow, long strides

Line 5: That a miracle has come

Action: looking up, arms raised and outstretched, arms moving downward to shoulder height, eyes are focusing on something happening right in front, smile of almost disbelief

Line 6: When God sends the perfect one

Action: move hands in cupped position together in front of body, eyes staring at hands

Line 7: Now gone are all my questions about why

Action: a sliding step to the right, a sliding step to the left, hands in front of body, together pointing in the direction the body is moving, amazed smile on face

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