The Need to Belong

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:4-5
Discussing the merits and need of becoming a member of the church versus simply attending as a non-member. A useful method of promoting church membership.

On - stage parts:
Gramma - senior, gray wig. Character is a kindly lady, proud grandparent, interested in instructing her grandchildren.
Tony - son - teen. A “thinking” kind of kid
Monica - older daughter - mid-teens. Somewhat quiet and reserved.
Jackie - younger daughter, 10 - 13 years old. Tries to act very grown up, probably resents being “young” in comparison to other family members.
Phil - Tony’s friend, approx same age as Tony. Phil should be an analytical kind of person, works problems through in his mind.
Jeanette - Monica’s friend, approx same age as Monica. Jeanette should be the more happy-go-lucky one of this group, more bubbly and outgoing.
Off- stage parts (narrators):
Announcer Dan Announcer Joyce

Props: Typical living room design, several overstuffed chairs, couches and a TV, (see lighting requirements below).

Lighting: Standard light is satisfactory. Need a white and a blue flood inside the TV to give impression of reflection from TV light source.

Costumes: Regular leisure clothing for all actors except Gramma, who will wear a rather longish older fashioned dress.

Sound: Mikes for narrators and mikes as required for those on stage. Ensure that all mikes are hidden as much as possible. All actors need to get voice volume levels up in order to carry well when mike pickup is low.

Sample of script:

As drama opens Gramma and Jackie are watching TV

Announcer Dan: Dan Thompson here along with Joyce Anderson with today’s Community Calendar, a service of the Channel 6 News Team.
Listen folks, it’s springtime, time to get out and enjoy! Here’s just some of the activities available to you in the city. Green Pines Golf and Country Club have memberships available. Phone them at 567-2246 for details including membership costs. As you will remember, Joyce, Green Pines have been very active in assisting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters by hosting their annual Golf Classic. Always so good to see these kids get an opportunity to try out their skills. This just wouldn’t be possible without assistance of the good people at Green Pines.

Announcer Joyce: Right Dan, and I’ve been informed that the Downtown Women’s Professional Club also have openings for members. Membership fee just $48 per year, call 567-8880. The Downtown Women’s Professional Club is affiliated with the National Women’s Professional Guild who, as you know Dan, recently completed furnishing the waiting room at the Cancer Clinic. The Women’s Club is certainly a most worthy group to support.

Announcer Dan: A tip of the Channel 12 fedora to the Westside Club on the completion of the Burn Unit at Royal University Hospital. In total, the Westside Club raised over $180,000 through various projects. Good to see how our city supports these worthwhile causes. Okay folks, now’s the time for you to support the Westside Club by becoming a member. Remember that everyone is welcome to become a member of this fine, fine group.

Announcer Joyce: That’s all the time we have for today folks. Till tomorrow I’m Joyce Anderson along with.

Announcer Dan: Dan Thompson

Announcer Joyce: . . wishing you a pleasant day. Please join us at 5:30 for local news, sports and weather.

Gramma turns off TV with remote, picks up a book and starts to read.
Jackie fidgets, looks around, bored.

Jackie: Where is everybody, Gramma?

Gramma: Well I’m here, and I thought I was somebody! But everyone should be along shortly, Jackie. Oh here comes your brother. And his friend. Phil, is with him. Hi Tony! Had a good day at school?

Tony and Phil come in the room, Tony ruffles Jackie’s hair, Tony sits down.

Tony. Hi Gramma, hi Squirt!

Gramma: Please Phil, sit down.

Tony: When’s Morn getting home? I’m starved!

Gramma: Well it’s almost 4:30 and she said she would be home from church about now. Oh, and here comes two more kids I should know! Hi Monica. See you’ve brought your friend along for a visit too. How are you Jeanette?

Jeanette: Hi Mrs. Rodgers, I’m fine. My Mom said to tell you that we missed you in church on Sunday. Hope you are feeling better!

Gramma: That’s very nice of her, thanks Jeanette.

Monica: Where’s Morn?

Jackie: Gramma said she’s at church. (thinks for a second) But what’s Mom doing at church on Tuesday afternoon?

Gramma: Your Mother has decided to join the church. She’s over at the church right now attending membership classes. She will be interviewed by the board next month. Then she’ll be a member of (name of church)! Won’t that be great?

Jackie: Interview? Why does she need to have an interview to be a member? We’ve been going to (name of church) since I was a kid.

Tony: You’re still a kid, Squirt! But, Gramma, she’s right! Why does Mom have to be interviewed?

Gramma: Before becoming a member you must first enrol in membership classes and then be interviewed by the board.

Jackie: Well that sounds silly to me, Gramma. (Mimics TV announcer). Green Pines Golf Club and the Downtown Professional Women’s Club didn’t say anything about being interviewed. And who else was it on TV? Oh yeh, the Westside Club. They didn’t say anything about being interviewed either! And they didn’t say that you had to go to classes to be a member.

Gramma: Well that’s a little different, Jackie. Membership in church is only open to believers.

Monica: You know that Mom is a Christian, Gramma. And the pastor knows that too! So why the need for her to be interviewed?

Gramma: The church isn’t just a club, like the ones they talked about on TV. Membership is open only to those who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ.

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