In the Small Group Loop

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
A short comedy skit promoting small groups in the church.
Are you in the loop?
Actors may be any age, male or female

Cast: 5, any age, male or female
Fernando is a geek, Ralph Furley (Three is Company) type

Set: Table and chair

Sample of script:

Fernando is off to the side sitting at a table drinking coffee, reading a paper
As time goes by and the conversation gets more intense, Fernando develops an interest that can’t be hidden
Terry comes on stage from one side, Jackson from the other, meeting at center stage

Terry: Hey Jackson! Good seein’ ya, how's things?
Jackson: Terry! Lookin’ good, like I say, lookin’ good!
Terry: And the family is . . .
Jackson: Good.
Terry: Job?
Jackson: Good
Terry: Health?
Jackson: Good, good, good.
Terry: That’s great, just great!
Jackson: Hey, I got a question for ya . . .
Terry: Shoot . . . . (play hits Jackson on the shoulder) . . . But no real bullets, k?
Jackson: Nah, me, I’m not into pain.
Terry: Good thing that, so go ahead shoot me your question . . .
Jackson: Just wonderin’ here . . . Terry, are you . . in the loop?
Terry: In the loop?
Jackson: Yah, I was wonderin’ kinda . . you in the loop?
Terry: Well . . . duhhhhhhh! Course I am in the loop, I mean . . .
Jackson: Well, I figured, I mean you bein’ an all together kinda guy (gal) and all but still . . . wonderin’ . . I was . . .
Terry: And you . . .?
Jackson: Me?
Terry: Yah, you . . .?
Jackson: Me? . . . Me what?
Terry: You in the loop too?
Jackson, hurt: You seriously figure that I, Jackson Fredrickson, would not be in the loop? Hey give me just a little credit here, huh?
Terry: Sorry, it’s just that I heard some folks, well, the fact is, some folks are still not in the loop.
Jackson, amazed: You have got to be kidding me. You are standing there, trying to say that there are actually folks, not in the loop?
Terry: Amazing as it sounds. . . it's true . . . true!
Betty comes on stage
Jackson: Hey Terry, look who’s here . . . you know Betty, right?
Terry: Me and Betty, we go way back, how are you Betty?
Betty: Doin’ good, real good.
Terry: And the family is . . .
Betty: Good.
Terry: Job?
Betty: Good
Betty: Health?
Terry: Good, good, good.
Betty: That’s great, just great!
Jackson: Hey, I got a question for ya Betty . . .
Betty: Well, go ahead, ask away, just not too tough questions, been doin’ a pile of thinkin’ lately, don’t want to turn the, (points to brain), grey into mush.
Jackson: Yeh, well, don’t want to put you on the spot and all . . .
Betty: Hey, we are friends, ask away!
Jackson: Yeh, well, wondered . . . if you was . . . in the loop?
Betty: In the loop? . . . Me?
Jackson: Yeh . . . look if you’d rather not say, I mean . . .
Betty: Jackson, look me in the eye . . . you seriously think I am the type . . . . to go around being . . . not . . . in . . . the . . . loop?
Terry: Knowin’ Betty the way I do I could’a told you that Betty would . . ..
Betty, as though sharing a huge secret: Listen, keep this under your hat . . . .Wednesday evening . . . Carole and Steve (use name of leaders), they are the lead guys!
Terry and Jackson, hands to face, mouth open in shock
Terry: You are not being serious! . . . You . . . . Wednesday night . . .
Jackson: Carole and Steve, lead guys? . . . All I am gonna say is . . . way wow!
Doreen comes on stage
Betty: Will you just look over yonder, if my eyes do not deceive that has to be my old bud Doreen!

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