Where the Pastor is King

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:11
Celebrating a pastor's fiftieth anniversary in the ministry, expressing appreciation for a pastor's dedication to God and church. Pastor's name happens to be "King".

Cast: 8
Shelly and Maria are mid to late teens
all others (3 girls and 3 boys) are pre to early teens

Set: none

Lighting, sound: standard

Props: none

Sample of script:

Shelly, Maria, Helen, Jenna & Susie come on stage chatting, Helen, Jenna & Susie are looking around, impressed

Helen: Wow, this is nice!

Shelly: If you like our church, you’re gonna be real excited about the people at this church!

Maria: Folks around here at (name of church) are real, and real nice too!

Jenna: Things for us kids to do here?

Shelly: Lots of activities for all ages here at (name of church).

Susie: Can’t see anyone around.

Maria: Hey well it's early, just you wait, the place will be bustling soon enough.

Billy, Bobby and Peter come on stage, Helen, Jenna and Susie move toward the boys, leaving Shelly and Maria separate from the rest

Susie, looking at the boys, big smile: Gotta hand it to you Shelly, Maria, there for sure are people here at (name of church) to get excited about!

Jenna: And lots of people for young women like ourselves to get to know, real well!

Helen, to boys: Do I assume that you men are members of (name of church)?

Billy, looking around, confused: Huh?

Bobby, looking around, confused: Men?

Peter, pushes Billy and Bobby out of the way, big smile at girls: For sure, we (emphasize) men . . are indeed members of this here church. . . . And do we assume that you ladies are new to this church, perhaps looking for a church home, . . . perhaps?
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