Is He Really Gone

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
The youth pastor is leaving and a group of youth are reacting to his “leaving the church”.
This comedy is useful for a youth pastor appreciation program, saying goodbye.
Cast: 4 (male or female)
Sample of script:
Lou and Drew walk on stage, very sad
Lou: Well, fact is I just don’t know how we can go on!
Drew: Isn’t that the truth.
Mary and Harry come on stage, happy
Lou: Well all I can say is church and youth group’s never gonna be the same again.
Mary: Hey, Lou, Drew, what's with the long faces?
Harry: Yeh, the way you two are acting you’d think that you lost your best friend.
Lou and Drew look at each other, very sad, wipe a tear
Mary: Hey, what gives guys?
Drew: Mary, do you mean you haven’t heard about Pastor Chet?
Harry: Oh no, what did he do now?. . Stuff the church secretary’s purse with toilet paper again?
Mary: Put a whoopee cushion on the senior pastor’s chair?
Lou: If only that's all that Pastor Chet did!
Mary: Hey this sounds serious! . . . What kinda prank did our beloved youth pastor pull this time?
Harry: Well I gotta say that our youth pastor is the worst prankster ever, but hey, he wouldn't harm a fly, everybody knows that . . so whatever someone is saying he did, I guarantee he did it all in fun.
Mary: He is the best guy ever as a youth leader; I mean there’s nothing he wouldn't do for a guy.
Lou and Drew are even more upset
Harry: OK, now I am getting worried! . .. Spill, what’s up with Pastor Chet?
Drew: Well, the fact is, Pastor Chet is leaving the church.
Mary: So what Drew? . . Pastor Chet leaves the church every day about this time.
Drew: No, he is . . . leaving . . . the church!
Harry, incredulous: You mean Pastor Chet is like . . leaving . . . the church?
Lou: Isn’t that what Drew has been trying to tell you?
Harry: But if Pastor Chet leaves the church, I mean . . . . what will he do?
Mary: For sure . . I mean, Pastor Chet could never handle a real job . . . so if he leaves the church what’s he and his family gonna do?
Drew: No, you don't understand . . .
Harry: Can’t you just see him trying to be a carpenter? . . . The only nails he would hit are on the ends of his fingers.
Mary: Or if he were to try to be a labourer, maybe dig ditches . . . the ditch would end up crooked as a snake!
Harry: Likely Pastor Chet’s poor wife Laurie will have to go out and get two fulltime jobs.
Lou: Guys, you’ve got it all wrong . . .
Mary: Luckily Laurie is very talented . . really good at crafts and stuff.
Harry: Yes, and Laurie does an awesome job of putting on skits and that sort of thing!
Mary: Yeh, remember that monologue Laurie did about the guy who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time?
Harry: Actually that wasn’t a skit, Laurie was just talking about Pastor Chet.
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