LifeGroup Leader Deluxe

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Timothy 4:2
Theme: Small Group leaders need to be prepared for just about anything from spiritual warfare to members’ quirky personalities. This is a humorous look at some of the situations LifeGroup leaders face as they minister.
Written by Diane Beavers

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:2 (NLT) Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.

Cast: 8 people total, 4 male, 2 female, Narrator and LG Leader can be male or female
LG Leader (007)
Mr. Bozo
Mr. Bibleman
Ms. Tellall
Ms. Dealforu
Mr. Notsure
Worker with furniture dolly

Setting: Six chairs set in semi-circle facing the audience.

Special Effects: Sound file of “Another One Bites the Dust” can be played at conclusion

Costumes: LG leader should try to wear a big cross necklace around his neck and be holding various supplies – perhaps on a toolbelt. (Bible, veggie tray or bag of chips, study curriculum, tissues, whistle, cell phone, tool belt, etc.)
Narrator should wear a lab coat and carry a clipboard and pen.
Members should be casually dressed

Additional Props: Coupons and forms for Ms. Dealforu, moving dolly, Bibles for all members

Sample of script:

LG Members are seated leaving center chair vacant. They are “talking” among themselves. Narrator and Leader enter, stand CS facing audience.

Narrator: This evening I am so excited to introduce our deluxe LifeGroup leader model 007. We’ve made several upgrades from model 006 that I’m sure you will be thrilled with. Our 007 has been extensively trained and prepared and has proven, through extensive testing, that it can handle any situation that arises while confidently fulfilling it’s duties as a LifeGroup leader.

(Moves to stand to side and behind chairs. Paces around as she/he observes the Leader.)

Leader 007: I’m trained, prepared and confident.

Mr. Bozo: So when are we gonna get started already, I thought this was a Bible study, not a meeting of the local hen society.

007: Oh, you are so right friend.
(Sits in vacant chair – setting props on floor if necessary)
Okay guys, let’s all take out our Bibles now and dig into God’s Word.

Mr. Bibleman: Alright! You know in my three hour quiet time this morning while I was reading in the book of Hezekiah …

007: Yes friend, aren’t our quiet times edifying? Let’s turn in our Bible to …

Ms. Tellall: But we always pray before we start and I have a special request. My cousin’s, aunt on her father’s side, they’re no relation to me really, but I’ve met them and I can certainly testify that that family definitely needs prayer, well anyway, she has this supervisor at her job, I’m not sure where she works, but I think it’s at one of the banks that’s closing, anyway, he broke his leg and it’s made her job so difficult with the running around and ….

007: Yes, I can totally understand that prayer need. We will certainly remember it.

Narrator: Yep, this model can handle everything LifeGroup members can throw at it.

Mr. Bozo: Hey, I skipped dinner, ain’t you got any food in this place.

007: Of course friend, we have food for the body and the soul here. (offers a veggie tray or chips)

Mr. Bozo: Yechh! Who’s for ordering pizza?

007: (hands Bozo a phone)

Mr. Bibleman: Man does not live by bread …

Ms. Dealforu: If you’re wanting pizza then I have the perfect deal for you. My little Emily’s Brownie troupe is selling these Pizza Palace discount cards (holds one up) for only $10.00 and if she sells 500 she gets a free to trip to Space Cadet Camp.

007: I’m sure we’d all enjoy being Space Cadets, but why don’t we get back to tonight’s study.

Narrator: You can certainly see how the upgrades have enhanced 007’s ability to handle all situations - even those delicate ones we all look forward to.

Mr. Notsure, seated next to Leader and speaking to leader “confidentially”:
Yeah, I think Susan’s really serious this time. She wants us to go to counseling. Whadaythink? I love her and all, I’m just not sure about one of those touchy-feely psycho babble guys.

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