Men's Retreat Promo

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 8 minutes

Karen Dickson has written an excellent script for promotion of an upcoming event. She offers some really good ideas to use 2 persons in dual roles, on stage and also videotaped.
How often do we talk to ourselves?  Probably more than any of us would like to admit!  In this piece, after telling a persistent man ‘no’ for the umpteenth time that he would NOT like to attend the upcoming men’s retreat, we see our Everyman decide to think more positively.  This prelude has been created on videotape. After shaking his head to get rid of the negative thoughts, we see the live actor come on stage.  The live actor is the negative side of the man, but the exact same person who is in the video.  On video we continue to hear the positive side of the man’s conversation with himself.  When the friend who had invited him to the retreat returns to give him a flyer, the live actor changes his mind and decides to sign up, as he glances back at his positive image and is given the ‘thumbs up’. 
NOTE: This approach could and should be used for other announcements in the church as well, example Women’s retreats or Youth activities


Cast:                2  (Positive videoguy and Negative liveguy are the same actor; Inviter plays a role on tape and live).

  • Positive videoguy, a man who has been invited several times to attend the Men’s Retreat, and has consistently declined the invite.
  • Negative liveguy, the ‘negative’ side of the Videoguy’s personality, who is always a nay-sayer and increasingly spooked by his Video side.
  • Inviter, a man who keeps inviting Videoguy to the retreat; we see him at first on the videotape, and later live.


Set, Lighting, Sound: standard


Costumes:     the person on stage should be dressed identical to the one in the video


Props:            a men’s retreat flyer


Special Instructions:             Author's notes for producing and coordinating live and taped portions of this drama are shown on Page 5.


Sample of script:           


[Opens with Video]


We began with the Star Wars opening, music under and these words scrolling far into deep space: 


Not so long ago

in a church building

not so far, far away...

church is done

for another week.

Time to share a few smiles,

a handshake or two, head home.

But then, the plan fell apart....


[VIDEO] INVITER:  (as if their conversation is just concluding)
…so, the retreat is next weekend, and I really hope you’ll change your mind.  We’d love to have you join us!


Well, I sure appreciate your thinking of me, but..well, maybe next year.  Have a good one!


God bless! 

(Inviter turns to go, walking upstage left from POSITIVE VIDEOGUY, then stops, looks up with his hands clasped in prayer, as he offers a quick prayer to God for POSITIVE VIDEOGUY.  POSITIVE VIDEOGUY does not see this.  INVITER then walks out of the tape area so POSITIVE VIDEOGUY is alone.)


Boy, that guy sure is persistent!  I mean, how many times do I have to say ‘no’?!  Oh, my God!.....(more hesitantly) God….maybe I should stop being so negative.  (shakes his head)  OK, negative thoughts, get out of my head!


[LIVE: As POSITIVE VIDEOGUY shakes his head, NEGATIVE LIVEGUY walks to center stage, shaking his head as well.}


No, no, no, no…’s a great word!


[VIDEO]  POSITIVE VIDEOGUY:  (looking to his left) 
Well, I want to think positive for a bit, so keep it down!


[LIVE: NEGATIVE LIVEGUY, startled by hearing POSITIVE VIDEOGUY’s voice, jumps and looks at the screen on his right –note: this will be the screen on the left side from the audience.)


Hey, how did you do that?  Who are you?  Why do you have my shirt on?


I’m you, you idiot!  Just here to look on the bright side, so keep it down, will ya?


[LIVE] NEGATIVE LIVEGUY:  All right….if you must.
(sulks a bit, crosses his arms and slumps, but stays quiet for now).


OK, now, he says the retreat is at a new place this year:  Summit Lake, right near Liberty Mountain…ski slopes!


Yeah, Sherlock, bright idea…ya really think there will be snow THIS year?


Yeah, that’s true.  But I’m sure that mountain air would be pretty nice.  And I sure could use a break from the lawn work…mowing in March this year was not in my plans!


But what about your taxes…crunch time, buddy.  You’ll never get away.


Hey, bozo, I already got them e-filed.  Done!  So there!  I deserve a get away after all that!


But who will your wife and kids complain to if you leave them for a weekend?


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