Steadfast To The End

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 6-8

Theme:            The story of the steadfast faith of Stephen told by Saul, who persecuted Stephen, but who became the martyred apostle Paul.
Keep the identity of the actor (Saul) hidden from the audience until the end.
May be used alone or as a compilation with scripts: “Josiah Committed” the King Josiah, and “A Moment Of Salt” which is the story of Lot’s wife.
Note each of these individual scripts are made up of 5 separate segments. If used as a compilation you could have the three actors on stage together and each performing Segment 1, then Segment 2, etc.
Theme words: steadfast  unwavering unswerving resolute committed dedicated unfaltering persistent firm


Bible Reference:         Acts 6-8


Cast:                1 male


Set:                  blank


Lighting:         a spot would be useful


 Sound:            standard


Costumes:       traditional or contemporary


Time:             3


Sample of script:           


actor comes on stage


Actor1:            I am here to speak to you regarding a man of God, a man of exceptionally good character, a man of miraculous God-given powers.
And I assure you I am qualified to speak, for I was one who knew intimately of his person and his practices. Knew, yes, but not always was one with his practices or priorities.
Although only a deacon in the early church, he had gifts and abilities at least equal to the more established apostles: Peter, John, James and all the others.
Because of his firm, unwavering allegiance to all that Jesus, the Christ, stands for, this man soon found himself at odds with local religious authorities. Fact is, this man was despised, not for wrongdoing, but rather a threat to their domination over the masses. For, in a nutshell, the religious leaders simply could not compete on any level: intellect, wisdom or knowledge, with this man.
Attempts at false accusations, threats, arrests and beatings did nothing to move him from his persistent dedication to preaching the truth of the message.
Where others would surely have buckled under the incessant attacks, this man seemingly became the more resolute in staying the course.
And he at all times, and in all circumstances . . .  appeared . . . calm.
Calm in the face of such organized and sustained opposition to all he stood for.
Even when despicable lies and half truths were being flung in his face . . . he remained . .  calm.


Actor2:            Some, in fact, would report that this man, in spite of interrogation and intimidation . . had a face like that of an angel.
This man was “allowed” to state his defense.
But we all knew, as did the man himself, that nothing he would say would change the outcome, nor save his reputation, nor his life.


Actor3:            And so it was that this man, although an able and gentle tactician in the skills of oratory, was now clinically direct, logical and unrelenting. He caused every one of us to feel discomfort and embarrassment.
And it allowed excuse to we, his accusers, to move from being a pack of petty liars into a cloak tearing, raving mob, thirsting for blood.
We dragged him from the city to a convenient spot filled with stones of a convenient weight and size for a proper execution.

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