Journey Back To Unity

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 14 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Philippians 4:1-3

Theme:             Resolving conflict, and overcoming disunity in the church, today and back in the first century. What are the steps to follow in resolving conflict and creating unity based on Biblical evidence?  Traditional portion could be used separately as standalone.

Bible Reference:           Philippians 4:1-3


Cast:               10  (mostly could be any age)
Euodia “yew-oh-DEE-ah” female
Syntyche “Sin-TICK-ay” female
Lydia female
Voice of Paul (VOP)  male

Contemporary: (could be male or female)



Set:                 blank, if possible have stage sufficiently wide to isolate the two groups


Lighting:            as available, spots to isolate the two acting groups would be helpful


 Sound:             standard


Costumes:        Scooter dressed outlandish, Philippians traditional or standard, others standard


Special Instructions:      “the pose” used by Scooter is something extreme, Superman, or whatever


Time:              14

Deb Dibert of Maryland, teacher in a Christian school, requested this script be written. After receiving the script she said:
This is BRILLIANT!!!!!  I really, really like this script!!!
I like how the present day kids freeze and the Biblical actors act out what could have happened in that scripture, and then it comes back to present day.  I also really like how the audience never finds out what the conflict was, both in present day and in the Biblical time.
On a side note, I was looking for something to give my students practice at handling lines that have to be interrupted with the next line at just the right place.  This is PERFECT for that!!!

Sample of script:            


Marcie, Ralph & Scooter come on stage


Marcie:             I hope we aren’t late.


Ralph:               Me too Marcie, I hate coming in late, everyone staring at me!


Scooter:           I’m pretty much used to everyone staring at me when I come in, late or early.


Ralph:               Ever think it might be your clothing styles Scooter?


Scooter, poses:
Of course it is, no one dresses like the Scooter.


Ralph:               And that’s an answer to prayer . . . I am teasing and you know it Scooter.


Scooter:           Jealousy will get you nowhere.


Marcie:             Well, seems no one is here yet. Ralph, could you set up chairs?


Scooter:           Better a chair at each side of the room; don’t want Jenna and Frankie together.


Ralph:               I don’t get it. They seem nice people but you get them together and it’s fireworks.


Marcie:             They are excellent people! . .  But lately it seems they are really struggling.


Ralph:               Has it always been this way between them?


Marcie:             No, not at all. When we first started our Bible study group Frankie and Jenna were best friends. Now they seem to be at odds with everything.


Jenna & Frankie come on stage, stand far apart


Marcie:             Hi Jenna, good to see you.


Jenna:               Hi Marcie, good to see you as well.


Marcie:             What’s happening in your life Frankie?


Frankie:            Just the usual Marcie, its all good.


Donnie comes on stage, unsure


Donnie:             Is this where the Bible study group meets?


Marcie:             Sure is, come on in, there’s some cookies, soda over there.
(moves to Donnie, extends hand)
Good to see you here, my name’s Marcie.


Donnie:             Pleased to meet you Marcie, I’m Donnie, just moved into the area, thought I’d check out the Bible study.


Ralph:               Good to have you here Donnie, I’m Ralph. . . 
(points to Scooter) And Mr. Dressup over there is Scooter.


Scooter, poses: Hey there Donnie old friend!


Scooter high 5’s Donnie, who looks rather confused


Marcie:             Oh I didn’t realize you two knew each other.


Donnie:             Uh, actually, we kinda don’t.


Scooter:           Bro the operative word is . . . didn’t! . . . We didn’t know each other. But no one is a stranger to ol’ Scooter for long.


Donnie, smiles, high 5’s Scooter:        
I kinda like that Scooter, thanks for making me feel welcome.


Marcie, to Donnie:      
This is Jenna . . .  And over there is Frankie.
We’re small Donnie but I think you’ll enjoy our group.


Donnie:             Actually I like a smaller group; get to know everyone better that way.


Frankie:            You will like most of the people here Donnie.


Donnie, nervous laugh, looks confused


Jenna:               Yes someone  here is so opinionated they spoil it for everyone.


Donnie now very uncomfortable, looks to others for clue


Marcie:             Please ladies, you aren’t being fair to each other, or to the rest of us.


Jenna:               Well I can assure you it isn’t my fault.


Frankie:            No, of course it wouldn’t be your fault would it, Miss Perfection!


Donnie is by now very uncomfortable, stands up, starts to move offstage


Donnie:             Look, maybe this isn’t quite what I was after . .  maybe I’ll just . . .


Ralph:               Please Donnie, stay. . .  (faces Jenna & Frankie, stern)
Now you two, I have no idea what is going on between you. But it is getting worse, and is affecting not just you, but everyone.
Now then . . . Our Bible study today is based on Philippians 4 . .
There were two leaders in the church, wonderful women with a strong desire to serve the Lord and their church. We don’t know the exact issue between the women; they apparently were at odds over some minor concern in the church.


Frankie:            Sounds like you are targeting Jenna and I on this Ralph.


Ralph:               Yes actually I am. Your conflict has gone too far, destroying the relationship between the two of you and affecting this entire group.


Jenna:               If that’s the case why don’t we just leave . . .
(to Frankie)
Thanks a lot Frankie!


Marcie:             I wish you’d stay Jenna, we are all friends and need each other.


Frankie:            Not all of us are friends! . .  It’s OK, I’ll leave! . . . Hope you’re happy Jenna!


Frankie stands to leave, Scooter comes to her


Scooter:           Look guys, you used to be great friends, you love this ministry, . . . and besides, (poses), you would be total lost without me! . . Now stay and let ol’ Doc Scooter do his magic!


all giggle except Frankie & Jenna who smile a little


Marcie:             I’m not sure about the doctor part but Scooter’s right, both of you are an important part of this ministry; we all want you to stay.


Donnie:             It’s not my place to say but . . . if you guys can’t work out your differences in Christian love, what hope is there that to be a force for Christ outside these walls?


Frankie & Jenna, look at each other, sit back down


Scooter:           See . . . no way you guys could function without the scintillating presence of the one and the only Scooter.


all laugh


Marcie:             Dream on Scooter! . . . But thanks for your touching, . . . although a little weird. . .  arguments for the good of our ministry.


Scooter:           Don’t praise me too much . . .  unless you really, really want to . .


Marcie:             Anyhow . . . here’s what was happening at Philippi . . .


contemporary actors freeze as Philippian actors come on stage


Lydia:   Gather around everyone! . . . Quickly!


Euodia & Syntyche eye each other, move toward Lydia, Syntyche steps in front of Euodia


Euodia:             Excuse me Syntyche! . . .


Syntyche:          Euodia, you heard Lydia ask us to come quickly and you were just strolling.


Lydia:               Ladies!


Euodia:             I was not strolling! . .  But you deliberately stepped in front of me Syntyche.


Lydia:               Ladies hush!


Syntyche:          I did no such thing . .  I was just . . .


Lydia:               Ladies! . . . Enough! . . . We have just received a letter from Paul. I want you to hear this. Now listen!


Euodia:             Yes Syntyche, listen to what Peter has to say!


Lydia:               This has gone on long enough ladies! . . . Now not another word!

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