It's All About Food

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:37

Theme:            Script, with some comedy, for promoting the church’s food pantry program.

Bible Reference:         Matthew 25:37


Cast:                3 (could be male or female)


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       


Props:              bags of chips


Time:              4


Sample of script:           


Ginny and Addison come on stage, eating snack food


Ginny:             Thanks for the Crunchos Addison, you saved my life!


Addison:         Seems at this time of day I need some energy food Ginny. My Mom always said I got me hyperglycemia.


Ginny:             Are you diabetic?


Addison, unbelief:      
Noooo! . .  What makes you say that?


Bentley comes on stage, stands apart from the others, listening


Ginny:             Well you said you have hyperglycemia, high blood sugar.


Addison:         No, my Mom said hyperglycemia is low blood sugar.


Ginny:             Then your mom is wrong . . . Hyperglycemia is a high blood sugar condition.


Addison:         My Mom knows these things . . . . and its low blood sugar.


Ginny:             High!


Addison:         Low!


Bentley:           Ginny is right.


Addison:         What are you saying Bentley, what do you know about hyperglycemia?


Bentley:           I know enough to know the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. . . And the fact is low blood sugar is hypoglycemia.


Ginny:             See, what did I tell you Addison!


Addison:         Hyper . .  Hypo . .  Tomato . . .  tawmato! . .  All I know is these Crunchos kept me from starving. . . I am glad you gave me these . . . you saved my life!


Bentley:           My guess is you guys may be a tad hungry but starving is a little over the top. You want to see starving . . . have a look at some folks on low income . . or no income! . .  Those folks know what hunger is all about.


Addison:         OK so just say you are right about this hypo hyper thing and all about hunger . . So what can ordinary Joe’s like me do about folks who don’t have enough to eat?

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