God's People

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 8:11

Theme:            Who are God’s people, or are we all? Comedy skit speaks of who is welcome in church and if clothing or appearance dictates who is welcome in church. No changes to this script allowed without prior written permission from DramaShare.


Bible Reference:         John 8:11


Cast:                4, (m of f, Gilbert is non-speaking)


Set, Sound:     standard


Costumes:       Gilbert wears green pants


Time:             9


Sample of script:


Tesa, Blaine & Rochelle come on stage, talking


Blaine:            So my Dad like says, “How come you need to go downtown today?”
And I like had to explain to him that the city finals for “World’s Greatest Yodeller” is on today, so I like gotta be there!


Tesa:               I didn’t realize you were into yodelling Blaine.


Blaine:            Me? . . . Yodel? . . . Not too likely Tesa, I mean yodelling is like . .  lame!


Rochelle:        OK . . . . You think yodelling is lame and yet you just gotta be there to watch the competition?


Blaine:            Well I do like to keep up on what’s happening around the world Rochelle!


Tesa:               Just on that . . . horrible what’s happening with the Syrian refugees isn’t it?


Blaine:            There’s Syrian refugees?


Rochelle:        You said you keep up on what’s happening around the world Blaine . . . how could you not know about the Syrian refugees?


Tesa:               Seems like the news is all bad news . . .  Slaughter of innocent people in Africa, nuclear testing in North Korea, Russian aggression, just no end to it, seems like.


Gilbert comes on stage, texting, stands apart from the others


Blaine:            Africa, North Korea, Russia? . . .  I must be outta the loop, been real busy the last day or so. . . . . . So what are you guys doin’ here at church today?


Rochelle:        Well, we are here for the youth council meeting here at the church . . . 
(confused) Isn’t that why you are here Blaine?


Blaine:            Yep, for sure Rochelle, that’s why I am here, just wondered why you guys were here, no biggie.


Tesa:               The three of us are on the youth council executive . . . so . . .


Blaine:            Grab a look at old Gilbert standing texting over there. . . . Isn’t that some picture!


Rochelle:        What’s wrong with what Gilbert is doing?


Blaine:            Not what he’s doing . . . its what he’s wearing! . .  The pants!


Rochelle:        What’s wrong with Gilbert’s pants?


Blaine:            Open your eyes Rochelle, Gilbert is wearing green pants . . . in church would you believe?


Tesa:               OK, I’m confused . .  What’s wrong with wearing green pants in church?


Blaine:            Tesa, you don’t not go around wearing green pants in church! . . .  Why it’s . . . unbiblical likely!


Rochelle:        I don’t believe there is anything unbiblical about wearing green pants in church.


Blaine:            So you can just go around wearin’ green pants in church if you want?


Tesa:               Well actually green pants aren’t my personal favorite but I guess its pretty much up to the individual to decide what he wears in church.


Blaine:            OK so I suppose some man can just come on into church wearing no shirt if he wants?


Tesa:               Well that may be something else.


Blaine:            So green is OK but a man wearing no shirt is bad? . .  What do you base that on?


Tesa:               Well, thing is the Bible gives pretty clear guidelines on what is acceptable or not.


Blaine:            Where in the Bible is there stuff about green pants?


Rochelle:        Nothing about green pants but the Bible tells us about modesty and appropriateness in how we dress. So a man wearing no shirt in church would likely cross the line on that one.

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