Sing A New Old Song

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 2:19

Theme:            There’s new types of worship songs in our church and some people are less enthusiastic than others in making this change. Why should we be singing songs from other cultures when we have so much “home grown” music right here?
Individual churches can insert music references of their own as needed.


Bible Reference:          Ephesians 2:19


Cast:                3, any age m or f


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Props:              paper


Time:              8


Sample of script:           


Lynn, Jessie and Taylor come onstage, are leaving church


Jessie:            That was a great message.


Taylor:           Pastor Sam does a fine job of researching his sermons.


Jessie:            Amazing isn’t it? I’ve read those Bible passages like a hundred times, Pastor gives a completely new slant on them.


Taylor takes a paper from pocket


Taylor:           I wrote down some things that really hit home with me. One I really grabbed on to:
No first and second class citizens in the church of Christ.


Jessie:              A new race of people.


Taylor:             No dividing walls.


Jessie:              Gentiles have full rights and rewards in the church of Christ.


Taylor:             Creation of a universal church.


Jessie:              Every person who is in Christ has something to bring to worship times.


Taylor:             Amazing how people in the early church welcomed the people and their traditions from other regions, other countries.


Jessie:              Can you imagine how their church services sounded?


Lynn:               Yeh, right!


Jessie:              Is something wrong Lynn, you haven’t said a word since we left the sanctuary.


Lynn, lifeless:  Wrong? . . . Nah, everything’s great . . . just great!


Taylor:             Jessie’s right Lynn, it’s not like you to be this quiet. . . . Was there something that Pastor Sam said in his sermon?


Lynn:               Pastor Sam was just fine, it’s just that . . . . (thinks) . . .  No, forget it, it’s all good.


Taylor:             I know you Lynn, and I know there’s something you aren’t saying here.


Jessie:              Yes, Lynn! . . . (big smile) . . . So spill it! . . . What hit you wrong in the sermon?


Lynn:               The sermon was great. . . . It was the singing actually.


Taylor:             Yeh, I heard Mrs. Ogilvie, she is never a whole lot on key, but tonight was definitely worse than usual.


Lynn:               Mrs. Ogilvie was fine.


Jessie:              Now you got me guessing Lynn. . .  Like I said . . .  Spill it!


Lynn:               Well, I thought some of the songs were way over the top and hardly appropriate.


Jessie:              Not appropriate? There were beautiful worship songs and old hymns as well.


Lynn:               Look, I am a person who worships through music. I can handle a new worship song here and there but I do love the traditional songs. . .  It’s what I am.


Taylor:             I know, I have my favorites too but I think the music people try hard to give a good mix of old and new songs.


Lynn:               That’s just my point, we have so many good American hymns and songs, why do we need the ones from half way around the world?


Jessie:              So that’s it. . . . It’s the songs from other countries and cultures you are having problems with.


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