Take A Life Break

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Job 33:4

Theme:            Breathe, relax, step back from the busyness of life and realize who not only made you, but made you to be successful and fulfilled.


Bible Reference:          Job 33:4


Cast:                9, (m or f)


Set:                  blank with a desk and chairs


Sound:             standard


Costumes:       all standard except Chet who wears something gaudy to identify
Alex, Bobbi, Kelsey & Spencer have something green on them
Dallas, Hudson, Reed & Mackenzie have something red


Props:              papers


Time:              12


Sample of script:           


Bradley comes onstage, sits at desk at Upstage center, quietly reading through some papers


Alex, Bobbi, Kelsey & Spencer enter, come to downstage right, talking rapid fire


Spencer:          Well, thing is Bradley said we have to slow down, think this thing through, look at all sides before jumping into this deal.


Kelsey:            What are you saying Spencer, slow down is not an option in my life, I have a million things on the go and there’s like zero chance I can waste time chewing through this thing.


Alex:               I’m with you Kelsey, time is money and time is something I simply don’t have!


Bobbi:             Where is Bradley coming from on this? I mean what gives him the right to drag his heels on this?


Spencer:          Well Bobbi, I guess the fact that he is the boss might give him some rights, but still I’m with you guys on this! . . . Us guys in Team Green need to push forward ‘cause we all know that Team Red won’t be sitting back! . . . And shhhh! Keep your voices down, here comes Team Red now!


Team Green freezes

Dallas, Hudson, Reed & Mackenzie enter, come to downstage left, talking rapid fire


Dallas:             Way I look at it if we just push really hard on the new ideas and spend every minute on introducing those real quick.


Hudson:          Well, Dallas, I am with you on the need to push hard, but we can’t just bail out on the old tried and true either. . . . Face it, that’s what brought us to where we are at. I think we need to amp up our efforts on the core components in our offering!


Reed:               Hold on there Hudson, you too Dallas! . . . We are like going nowhere if we take our foot off the accelerator on either of those! . . . I say we push both to the Max!


Mackenzie:      Reed, you are dreaming big time! . . . We have limited resources, limited talents, limited time! . . . Face it, we can’t be all things and we can’t overplay it or we lose it all!


Chet comes on stage


Hudson:          Look guys, this is getting us nowhere fast! . . . What we need to do is . . .


Chet:                Hidey ho pilgrims! How’s life in your guy’s world?


Spencer:          Chet, can’t you see that we in Team Green are busy?


Reed:               Yes Chet, and we in Team Red are not only busy but highly productive!


Alex:               Highly productive you say Reed? . . . The closest to productive you guys in Team Red have ever come is reading about the advances us guys in Team Green have achieved!


Mackenzie:      You Red people can for sure talk the talk, too bad you can’t walk the walk!


Chet:                You guys in Team Red can’t walk? . . . Wow, that is for sure sad, maybe if you were to get little wheels on your shoes and just kinda like glide out, one foot after the other you would . . .


Dallas:             No Chet! . . .  Mackenzie was just hyperbolizing . . .


Chet:                Sorry about that Mackenzie, that sounds real painful!


Bobbie:            Chet! . . .  Hyperbolizing means when you . . .


Chet, points offstage:  
Oh look, a squirrel!


Kelsey:            Chet do you know how . .  how . . frustrating you are?


Chet, thinks:    How, how, frustrating you are? . . . Let’s see . . country and western song right? . .
(clears throat, sings badly off key)
How, how frustrating you are.
When I saw you from afar
Up in the sky was a star
That was . . .


All:                  Chet! . . .


Chet:    Love my singing doncha? . .  Move over Johnny Cash!

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