The god Of Meth

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:18

Theme:            Methamphetamine, or “meth” as it is best known, has quickly become one of the world’s most addictive and destructive stimulant drugs on the market. Meth controls every aspect of the users existence and is so addictive just one sampling can create immediate dependence. God never meant that his people would be slaves to addiction.


Bible Reference:          Ephesians 4:18


Cast:                3, (m or f)


Set:                  blank


Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:              knife


Time:              10


Sample of script:           


Jez & Mark are onstage, Mark holding a knife


Mark, screams:          
Jez, you lied to me!


Jez, laughs:    Fool, what’s the knife for? You know you haven’t got the will to use the knife on me. I’m the only true friend you’ve ever had.


Stacy comes onstage, shocked by what she sees


Mark, loud:    You’ll see what this knife is for! . . .  . I’ll show you!


Mark tries to stand


Stacy:             Mark, you know me, I am Stacy, we go back a long way together. I need you put the knife down!


Mark:             No Stacy, I will not! . . . She lied to me! . . . She . . lied!


Stacy:             We can talk about this Mark. . .  But first you have to put the knife down.


Mark:             Tell him Jez! . . .  Tell him how you lied to me!


Jez:                 I didn’t lie . . .  You said you needed help. . .  And I delivered exactly you what you asked for!


Mark:             Yes but . . .


Stacy:             We can deal with that later Mark; first I need you to give me the knife.


Mark:             You don’t understand. . .


Stacy:             All I understand is if you don’t give me the knife things are going to get worse. . . Now, give it . .  now!


Stacy moves toward Mark, holding out a hand


Mark:             Stay back . . .  stay away. . .


Stacy moves to Mark, hand on his wrist, takes the knife

Mark starts to cry


Stacy:             Mark, come with me, there are people who can help you.


Jez:                 Sure Mark . . . go with the do-gooder! . . . We all know you’ll crawl back to me soon enough. . .  You are a reject and I own you!


Mark:             Jez, I wish you’d stabbed me with a knife, I could have handled that. . . . But . . . this . . . .


Jez:                 It was you who came to me, begging me as I remember!


Mark:             I didn’t ask to be . . . destroyed!


Stacy:             Mark . .  please!


Jez:                 Mark knows I am the only one who can give him the help he needs!
Remember Mark. You said you couldn’t make it through your exams without help.


Mark:             But when you . . .


Jez:                 You said you couldn’t concentrate . . . and my cure gave you increased attention.


Mark is picking at his face and arms, moving, showing he is itchy all over his body


Mark:             Yes but . . .


Jez:                 You said you hated the way you look, that you were overweight, and I helped decrease your appetite.


Mark:             Now I have no appetite.


Jez:                 You said you wanted the highest high . . .  and I gave you feelings more intense than anything,  . . .  anything you have ever tried before.


Mark:             And you took my job, my friends, my home, . . .  . my sense of worth and decency.


Jez:                 You wanted all this in a form easy to carry, conceal and consume . . .
I gave you help through snorting, smoking, injecting, swallowing.


Mark:             And now I consume right where I live, here in the gutter!


Stacy:             Mark you know that methamphetamine is no answer!


Jez:                 Tell her Mark! . . . . Meth is the only answer!


Mark:             I don’t know what’s the answer anymore . .  I don’t even know what’s the question!


Jez:                 You remember what you came for! You said you were too tired to carry on . . . I gave you freedom from fatigue.
I gave you energy, I gave you self confidence, I gave you happiness.
You got full value!


Mark:             I got memory loss, I got heart damage, I got brain damage, I got weird behaviour, I got tooth decay, . . .  and see my hair . . . .  it’s falling out . . .
And I was hooked the very first time I tried what you offered.


Jez, laughs:    Maybe you want that my product carry a qualifier sticker? . . . . Something like “results may vary?”


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