• Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1John 4:21
when newcomers are and aren't welcomed in fellowship at the church, how to make all welcome

Sample of script: (Set 1 of 3)

Set I - The “Unfriendly Friendly” Church

All actors come on stage, Tom, Tricia, Anita and Terry stand off to one side of stage.

Fred: Charlie, good to see you! Good morning Fiona, love your dress! And those kids, are they ever going to stop growing? Watch out, soon gonna be looking down on you, Charlie!

Charlie: Yes, guess you are right, doesn’t take long for them to grow up does it? Say, Fred, looks like we’ve got a new family here at church this morning. See, over there, standing alone in the corner?

Fred: You know, Charlie, I believe you’re right. Can’t recall seeing them here before. Must remember to mention something to the pastor, maybe ask him to visit them sometime soon. Look, I’ve gotta go get ready for choir, talk to you soon, maybe get together for coffee, Charlie.

Fiona: Charlie, those new people are all by themselves, no one is even talking to them. They will be getting the wrong opinion about this church, they’ll think we are unfriendly.

Charlie: Unfriendly? What are you saying, Spruce Street Community Church unfriendly? Not too likely! I mean, didn’t we just put that new sign on the lawn outside, says, “We are the friendliest church in town”? Would the elders have done that if we weren’t friendly? I guess not!

Fiona: Well, I suppose you are right, but it just worries me that’s all, them being all by themselves that way. Do you suppose we should go over and talk to them maybe?

Charlie: Fiona, you know full well that talking to people is not my gift! I mean, that’s what the pastor is paid to do. Besides, I have to go and get my Sunday School room all ready. Teaching, that’s my ministry!

Charlie leaves, Fiona talks to herself and to her children:

Fiona: Well, I just think it’s a shame, that’s what, them standing all by themselves and all! Look, Billy, Marianne, let’s go over, say hi to the new family.

Billy: Aw, do we have to Mom! The kids look awful geeky! Besides, we are going to have a meeting for King’s Kids Klub downstairs.

Marianne: Yeh, besides, I want to see my friends. Rochelle got a new computer, I want to go talk to her about it.

Fiona: Look, I promise you, we’ll only just be a minute, then you can go see your friends. I can’t be long either, I want to talk with the ladies about our salad supper next week.

Fiona guides and pushes an obviously unhappy Billy and Marianne toward the new family.

Fiona: Hi, you are new to Spruce Street Community Church, aren’t you? I wanted to welcome you here, say hi. I’m Fiona Williams, you maybe saw my husband, Charlie, with me a few minutes ago, he is the Sunday School teacher here, had to go get ready. And these are our children, Billy and Marianne, look to be about the same age as your children.

Tom: Hi, Fiona. Good to meet you. I am Tom Reynolds, and this is my wife, Tricia. And our kids, Terry and Anita.

Watch this part of characterization very carefully. Fiona will just glance at the children, smile a phoney smile as acknowledging the family, look over the shoulder of Tom and Tricia, smiling and waving at other unseen people as they walk by out of sight. Billy and Marianne will make it obvious that they do not want to be there, will yawn, look the other direction, not in any way acknowledge Terry or Anita.

Fiona: Yes, well, I’m in a rush right now, must go, but I wanted you to know . . . .

Fiona is interrupted by Billy.

Billy: Mom, can I go and be with my friends now? Puhhleease!

Fiona: Yes, you can join your friends soon, I just want you to meet these . . . .

Marianne: Mom, there goes Rochelle, I want to talk to her. Bye . . . . .

Billy: Yeh, see ya Mom.

Billy and Marianne rush away

Fiona: Sorry, you know how kids are when they get with their friends! Look, I really must rush away as well. I am co-ordinating the salad supper on Wednesday, so many last minute things

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