Selling Your Church

  • Bible Reference: Acts 20:28

A series of 16 individual scripts promoting, (and recruiting for), the various ministries in your church: children's program, music, drama, Sunday School, prayer, ladies ministry, men's ministry, church membership, missions, seniors, youth.

Sample of one of the scripts:

AWANA Puppet program.

Used for AWANA club banquet.

Note 1- AWANA can be changed to your children's group name if other than an AWANA club.

Note 2 - replace name "Mr. Unger" with the real name of actual youth group leader.

Note 3 - in this script the upcoming holiday is Easter. Script can easily be changed to make reference to Christmas or any other church holiday season.


Jimmy - kind of off-the-wall character
MaryLou - the "I told-you so" little kid
Jessie - the more mature character

Jimmy comes on stage, whistling or humming a song, looks around,

Jimmy: Yikes, there's people out there!

Jimmy retreats backstage. Puppets speak from backstage..

MaryLou. People? Oh, Jimmy, you're dreaming again! Who could be out there, after all it's a Saturday night. Nobody's gonna be around the church on a Saturday night for Pete's sake!

Jimmy: Well, I'm tellin' you guys, there's people out there, lottsa people!

Jessie: Oh, you two! You're both acting silly! Now then, both of you, Jimmy and MaryLou, go out and see if there really is somebody out there, and if there is just check and see who they are. Never know, if they're doing some fun stuff, we just might want to join in!

Jimmy: Well, I'm not going out there, Jessie! I'm too shy to go out there with all those people out there!

MaryLou: Look at the little scairdee Jimmy! Afraid to go into the church 'case something hurts him! You're a scairdee cat, Jimmy, that's what you are!

Jimmy: Am not!

MaryLou: Are too!

Jimmy: Am not!

MaryLou: Are too!

Jimmy: Am . . . . .

Jessie: Would you cut it out, both of you! You're acting like, like, like a, a, pair of, of, sillies, that's what! Now then, both of you! (screams) Get out there, now!

Jessie pushes Jimmy and MaryLou out onto the stage, they try to hide their eyes, slowly peek around, see the people, quickly go off stage.

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