The Dominating Member

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 109:8
Part of a leadership series, this one focuses on dealing with a dominating person in a meeting, how do we constructively guide and control a person who is too much of a contributor.
Honing leadership skills

Sample of script:

Reg: Good morning. Thanks for coming out to our Small Committees Planning Meeting. What we want to do today is brainstorm, getting everyone’s ideas. We will be attempting to find methods of making our small committees more effective and productive, but we also want to make these exchanges more enjoyable and rewarding for the participants. I have a particular reason for mentioning my wish to get everyone’s ideas. All too often, in my experience, meetings such as these tend to be dominated by a few of the more vocal participants.

Doris: So then, Reg, what you are saying is you want everyone’s ideas, but you don’t want feedback.

Reg: No, Doris, that’s not what I am saying at all, I’m sorry if what I said came across that way.

Lynda: Actually, Doris, I understand where Reg is coming from on this. S/He simply wants that every participant here gets equal opportunity to state their views. I have no problem with that. I mean . . . .

Doris: Whoa, just a minute there Lynda. Rules of Order for meetings such as this would dictate that we should . . . . .

Lynda: What’s this, “Rules of Order”? Give me a break here! If I may point out to you, the fact is that . . . . .

Reg: Excuse me, Doris, Lynda. Firstly, before we get into the heart of discussion, I want to set out some guidelines.

Norm: I agree with you . . . .

Lynda: Right on, Norm. I’m with you on that. What we need is . . . .

Reg: Lynda, I was wondering if I could count on you to do a big job for us. We need a recording secretary, would you look after that for us.

Lynda: I’m not so sure, I mean, it seems like no one can read my writing except me.

Reg: Then it is settled, we will also ask you to get the notes typed up and circulated to all of us. I happen to know that you love that computer of yours.

Lynda: Yes, well, I guess I could do that, now then, where’s my pen? Shoot, I’m all ears.

Reg: Thanks, Lynda, we appreciate your assistance.

Doris: Now, like I was saying . . .

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