Somebody Oughta

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs15:23
No matter what needs to be done . . somebody oughta do it . . . except me of course.
I am much too busy, others can do a much better job and I . . . .

Sample of script:

The character is coming in from outside on a winter’s evening, so it would make sense if she was wearing some sort of a winter jacket. (she speaks of wearing a ¾ length, so if possible, it would be consistent to have this style of jacket.)

Ooh! It’s cold out there! Would you believe my remote starter wouldn’t work and I had to run out and start the car myself? Today of all days! Why it has to be 30 below at least! (Taking jacket off now.) I should have worn my full-length parka, but no, I opted for the ¾ length instead (pausing to look into audience as if trying to convince them) well naturally because it looked better with my outfit!

(Looking around at imaginary kitchen) Oh, that husband of mine!! Bill must have been making pizzas with the kids again – just look at this kitchen! (waving arms around) Food everywhere!! (starts to straighten up kitchen)

(Pauses for a minute and looks at specific spot in audience as if someone has asked her a question) Where was I? Oh, I was at the church at our monthly ladies’ meeting. What a great evening! (moving closer to the audience as if getting ready to gossip)

Delores made these great little chocolate drops, which I couldn’t believe were low-fat! And Ruby was wearing her new hat – not the style I would have chosen, but the colour was definitely her! You remember Evelyn – her daughter, Debbie, is expecting another baby. That will make 5 for her and Tom! Imagine!

(Pauses as if asked a question from the audience) What was the theme of the meeting? What do you mean by theme? (pauses) Oh, what was it about? Well, (thinking) there were some announcements, a game and a fellowship time. Oh yes, our president gave a little talk. (now getting a little excited again as if to dish some more gossip)

Wait until I tell you about what Jana was wearing! (pauses to be asked another question from the audience. Getting slightly annoyed that she is getting interrupted by a topic she would rather not talk about!)

The talk? Well, I couldn’t possibly remember it word for word. Wait a minute, (digs in pocket and pulls out a paper), they gave us this prayer page to take home. (looks at paper) Oh, yes, here it is “A Time for Mercy – Cambodia”. (putting the paper back in her pocket) Yes, we really do have to remember them in prayer, now don’t we. Somebody oughta do something about that! (getting ready to gossip again)

But enough about those unpleasant things. Back to Jana’s outfit!(Pauses again to be asked a question from the audience,showing annoyance) What about the women of Cambodia? Well, um…, well (pulls out paper again) let’s see. There’s a few facts on this page here. (begins to read) “

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