The Life That Sam Built

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Peter 5:3
Being an example for others. Our life should always be based on the guidance and teachings from the Lord. It's about walking the walk in sincerity and living for God in all areas.

Mimes and Narrator

Clothing: Contemporary to fit their roles.

Props: nylons, colorful scarf, monopoly money, oversized bowl of popcorn, a can of soft drink, recliner (or other chair), remote control, garbage can with a wrapper or bone in it, a desk, petty cash box, briefcase, pens, pads of paper, stapler, office chair, phone, binoculars

Premise: I don’t recall what the sermon scripture was in using this. It’s about walking the walk – sincerity and living for God in all areas.

Sample of script

As Narrator reads the action takes place. Be sure to pause for both action and audience’s reaction time.

This is the life that Sam built.
Sam enters stage area.
Here is the co-worker whom Sam does not trust.
Co-worker walks through, rt to left.
Here is the son which Sam lectures on life.
Son walks through, left to right.
Here is the neighbor Sam judges.
A female leg in nylons and aheel – and her hand waving a colorful scarf “around the corner” from off stage.
And this is the neighborhood drunk Sam condemns
Homeless drunk staggers rt to left. Stays staggering on stage.
Sam knows he’s a pretty good guy.
Looks puffed-up/proud.
He gives money to his church and other charities
All but the drunk gather around and are handed liberal amounts of money. Drunk then goes up optimistically for a handout. Sam puts his noise in the airand walks away – across stage towards the chair.
He likes to keep his body pure by not smoking or drinking alcohol
He “hugs” a large bowl of popcorn stuffing his face and drinking a coke as he sits down to watch T.V. (remote control in hand also)…drunk is peering in from a “window” looking very hungry – the drunk finally digs through a garbage can nearby and finds a wrapper to lick or a bone to gnaw.

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