From Whence Cometh Help

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 121
what is really important when trouble happens?

No special props or costumes, a large Bible is only prop.

Cast: 5 actors, roles may be reduced if necessary

Sample of script:

Person 1 enters stage, wearing sunglasses, dressed very cool, struts down middle aisle, mimes holding football, mimes throwing football, watches, watches, the celebrates, bows to all sides.

Person 1 mimes playing tennis, lob back and forth, then drives a slam, celebrates, bows to all sides.

With each success Person becomes more and more egotistical.

Person 1 might mime golfing, figure skating, hockey, race car driver, etc., all with the same result of winning, being honoured.

Two actors of opposite sex, (Persons 2 and 3), come on stage, Person takes their arms and walks with them, they pamper him, giggle, kiss his cheek.

Person 4 comes on stage carrying a Bible, hands it to Person, Persons 2 and 3 laugh, wave Person 4 away. Person has a very important moment here as first looking down at Bible, looking at Persons 2 and 3 who are waving Person to join them, looks back to Bible, back to Persons 2 and 3, slowly, hesitatingly Person hands Bible back to Person 4 who moves to side of stage.

Person 5 mimes driving car on stage, is drinking from bottle, gets out of car, slaps Person on bag, shakes his hand, offers Person the bottle, Person drinks deeply. Person 5 mimes rolling a joint, lights it, looks at Person, offers Person the joint. Person drags deeply on the joint, drinks from the bottle.

Person 5 hands Person the keys to his car, Persons 2 and 3 also get in the car, all are laughing, happy.

Person mimes driving around the stage, faster and faster. Person is coming downstage when all three “see” danger ahead, throw up their hands, mouths open wide, screaming. At one signal Person and Persons 2 and 3 fly ahead as though hitting something, land on the floor.

No movement for a moment, Person 4 rushes down to accident scene, goes to Person, wipes his face with hanky, helps Person to feet. Person 4 then goes to Persons 2 and 3, tries to wake them. Person 4 puts fingers to their necks to find pulse, Person 4 looks at Person, sadly shakes head negatively.

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