Generic Individuals

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:6

As Christians, how can we possibly work together on something using our individual qualities, when we are working for the same common goal?

This drama will consist of seven mimes, who could be men and women of any age. Also a male voice over will be used at the end of the drama.

A voice over, preferably male, will be used at the end of the drama.
NOTE in locations where language is a problem a local could be used, or alternatively a sign (in the appropriate language) with words could be used.

For added effectiveness, the mimes should be dressed completely in black, (long-sleeved shirt, pants, and gloves). They should have white face paint on as well. It is important that all mimes look very similar, so there should be no individual make-up markings on the mimes.

Mimes 2-6 will be holding one box each. These boxes should be approximately 2’x2’. One “face” of each box will be bright white. The opposite “face” will be a bright colour of some kind. Each mime’s box will have one side white and the opposite side a bright colour. It is important that each mime have a different bright colour. All other sides of the boxes should be black.

At the very end of the drama, a single spot could be used. Prior to this, just regular stage lights will be all that is necessary.

Sample of script:

Drama begins when all six mimes enter stage left. Mimes 2-6 are holding their boxes at waist height, ensuring that only the white side is showing. The bright colored side should be against their stomachs.

Mime 1 positions himself at center stage, facing the audience, and bows his head until all other mimes are in place.

Mime 2 goes to the far right side of the stage and positions himself facing the audience, and bows his head until the other mimes are in place.

Mime 3 does exactly the same thing, leaving some space between himself and Mime 2. All other mimes follow, leaving space in between each of them until they have formed a semi-circle.

Once all mimes are in place, Mime 1 lifts his head and smiles. He looks up and lifts his hands upward as if giving praise. He offers his heart to God and is so happy. He indicates that He wants to do more for God by trying to look for more to give. He takes a few moments to look around.

During this time the others mimes remain completely still. As he is walking around he takes particular notice of the colours on the boxes.

He admires Mime 2’s box, then admires Mime 3’s box. As he goes to Mime 4 and Mime 5, he realizes all the boxes are the same. He indicates this through a confused look, scratching his head, looking at the previous boxes, etc. After he looks at all the others mimes, he shrugs his shoulders and moves to center stage.

Mime 1 is doing some planning – he walks around trying to measure things, scratch his head, etc. Mime 1 has an idea and gets excited as he looks up again.
He looks back at the mime’s boxes, shrugs and goes to Mime 2.
Mime 1 looks at Mime 2 and takes his box. He sets it on the floor at center stage, ensuring only the white side is still showing.
He then goes to each mime and takes their boxes and neatly lays them in a row, facing the audience.
Once he is done, he looks at the pile, but is not happy.
He looks around for some ideas.
Mime 1 is visibly frustrated, and sits down at stage left.

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