He Is Mine

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:9
A youth hooked on drugs turns his back on family and friends, but through prayer it is proven that God can break the bondage, illustrating the power of prayer

12 mimes
Jesus is in white,
2 Friends are in black,
all others are in neutral colors.

Sample of script:

Scene opens, Son and 2 friends are laughing, obviously stoned on drugs
Parents come on stage, see Son, they are in tears, they try to make him come with them. The 2 Friends laugh at Parents, making fun of them.
Son looks at Parents as though wanting to go with them, but 2 Friends take his arms, urge him to stay with them, give him drugs, Son moves to side of stage with them.
Parents are in tears, hold each other.
Parents kneel, begin to pray.
5 Worshippers come on stage, see Parents, come beside them, in a circle around them, all kneel and pray.
Son looks over at Parents and Christian worshippers, takes a couple of steps toward them, 2 Friends again hold him back, give more drugs, Son goes back with Friends.
Parents and Worshippers looking upward, praying earnestly.
Pastor joins Parents on stage, Parents point to Son.
Pastor goes to Son, urges him to come to Parents, Son takes a few steps, again Friends give him drugs, Pastor, upset, comes back to Parents.
Pastor signals to all to invite (hand movements which show invitation) Jesus, they all pray earnestly.
Jesus comes on stage dressed all in white, comes to Parents, lifts them up, embraces them.
Jesus, sad look on face, goes to Son, touches his shoulder, guides him toward Parents.
Friends try to hold Son back, Jesus turns quickly toward Friends, as he does he stamps his foot hard on floor. (If this does not make enough noise you can use a drum sound or sound effect).

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