Light Our Life

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1John 1:5
Mime drama shows how God is the light in our life, and that light, represented by candles, is opposed by Satan, but protected by the power of God. Satan’s attacks on Christians is constant but how God, and Christian friends, persevere.

Costumes: Satan in black, sinner in grey, Christians in white T shirts

Props: electric candles for all except Satan

Sample of script:

Group of mimes come on stage, all carrying unlit candles, Christian mimes kneel to pray, Sinner looks on, rather amused, confused.
Satan comes on stage, sees Christian mimes, becomes very angry, tries to push them over, (makes it look like he hits a wall before he touches the whites). Satan becomes more angry, then sees sinner, smiles goes over to sinner, puts arm around sinner, points at Christians, laughs, makes fun of them. Sinner also makes fun of Christians.
Christians slowly raise their candles upward, smiling expectantly.
Christians very unobserved turn their candles on, smile wide smiles, rejoice as they see the light.
Sinner is impressed, nudges Satan, points to Christians, mimes “WOW!”
Satan is very angry, arms flailing, tries to attack the Christians but each time he comes near them he “hits the wall”.
Sinner now starts making fun of Satan, points upward, makes muscle, indicating God’s power.
Satan makes as though to strike Sinner, stops, slowly “an idea” comes on his face, starts to cackle, beckons Sinner to come with him, Satan, smiling, approaches Christians, slyly beckoning them to come to him.
Christians all indicate by pushing away, palms outward, that they are telling Satan to leave, but Satan continues to smile and encourage Christians to come to him.
Finally Christian #1 breaks away from the others and goes toward Satan. Satan slithers up to Christian #1, still smiling then suddenly lunges at Christian #1, blows out candle, (Christian #1 turns it off).
Christian #1 falls to the ground, Satan and Sinner laughing loudly.
Other Christians circle around behind Christian #1, fall to their knees in prayer. All Christians lift Christian #1, lift his arms upward, (holding unlit candle in his hands).
Christian #1 looks upward, turns his light on, smile comes slowly then great rejoicing among all Christians.
Satan is extremely angry, arms raised, fists clinched, approaches Christians, Satan hits the wall, this time falls over backward as though punched. Satan looks upward, anger turns to great fear, he falls to the ground again, trying to protect himself. Gets up, is “thrown” back down again. Satan then gets up on knees, slowly, looking upward, hands up to protect himself, backs off stage.

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