Lojo decorates the nighttime sky

  • Bible Reference: Genesis 1
Lojo, nightime, sky, CreationThis script can be used as a sidecoach narrative in which participants hear the story for the first time as they create movement spontaneously. The story can also be used as narration for a practiced, rehearsed mime piece.

Sample of script:

When the world began, it was very, very dark. God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. Imagine all of a sudden seeing light for the first time. The angels in heaven were amazed. To this day they recall it with soft spoken voices and sparkling eyes. After creating light, God separated the light from the darkness and called the darkness Night and the light Day.

God created many things such as the sun, the moon, and the stars. Then, God called for an angel named Lojo. Wide-eyed Lojo sheepishly shuffled before God.

Lojo thought, "I wonder why God is calling me." Lojo looked all around at all the wonderful things God had created and reflected, "Everything is so beautiful and wondrous."

"Lojo," God said, "I have created these little lights which shall be called stars." Standing on tiptoes, Lojo peered into God's gentle hands. With excitement, the angel hopped backwards. Slowly, Lojo tiptoed and looked into God's hands again. Squinting and with a bright smile, Lojo saw wondrous lights sparkling in those cupped palms. The little angel thought, "I have never seen such wonders! I'm glad God shared this with me."

With that, Lojo turned and began to leave. God called out to Lojo, "Lojo, I have a task for you. I want you to arrange these stars in the night sky."

Lojo's mouth dropped open. "ME?" thought Lojo,"what if they don't look good? What if they look, well, not right?"

God said, "Lojo, just look at the darkness of the sky and listen to what it calls from you. Feel the stars' warmth and let their brightness guide you. Just be free to be you."

Lojo smiled and carefully took the large armful of stars. A star twinkled out of Lojo's arms and fluttered through the heavenly air. Trying to keep the armful of stars together, the angel bent over and stretched as far as angel's arms could stretch to pick up the star. Each time Lojo's hands almost grasped the star, it flittered through the angel's fingers and whirled through the air. The young angel began twisting and turning, trying again and again to catch the star and hold the armful of others. And then, with a Ker-thlat, Lojo tripped and the stars swirled everywhere.

Lojo became concerned. "I must catch the stars quickly or I may lose one. Each is made special and deserves to be put in the night sky by a touch not a trip." So Lojo jumped, leaped, and swoomed through the air catching stars at an amazing rate.

With arms bulging again with the stars' brightness, Lojo finally caught the last straying star.

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