Losing Sight

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 3:13-18
Jealousy , sin clouds our vision of where we are supposed to be. We can't see Christ. Dealing with jealousy, this mime will remind even the strongest Christians of some basic principals.

This mime will use 5 people, could be male or female. All the actors, except for the actor representing God, should be dressed in black with white face paint. The actor representing God should be wearing all white, also with white face paint. There will be six large, empty, closed boxes needed. These boxes should be at least 2’ high each. Two boxes should be labeled on all sides, “Jealousy / Envy”, two boxes should be labeled on all sides, “Deception”, and the last two should be labeled on all sides, “Hatred”.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as main actor (MIME 1) is kneeling, obviously praying to God. Actor representing God, (GOD), will be standing about 6 feet in front of MIME 1. MIME 1 is very happy and GOD is visibly happy with MIME 1. Take long enough with this for the audience to realize what is going on.
While MIME 1 is still praying to GOD, MIME 2 enters. MIME 2 is not aware of anyone else’s presence. MIME 2 is carrying an invisible object around high above her head. MIME 2 is extremely proud of her object and stops every now and then to polish it, admire it, rub it against her cheek, etc. Take time to show audience that what MIME 2 is holding is something very precious.
As MIME 2 is dancing around with her object, MIME 1 begins to take notice. MIME 1 watches MIME 2 look so happy with her object. MIME 1 looks longingly at MIME 2, hoping that MIME 1 could get the object for herself, MIME 1 holds out hand as though hoping MIME 2 would give the object to MIME 1.
Eventually, as MIME 2 exits, MIME 1 turns back to GOD. MIME 1 tries to go back to praying on her knees, but is visibly disturbed and keeps looking back to the place where MIME 2 exited. MIME 1 keeps remembering how much fun MIME 2 had with her object. MIME 1 tries dancing around like MIME 2 did, but it just isn’t right without that object, looks sorrowfully into empty hands, looks off stage. Before MIME 1 goes back to praying, she gets 2 boxes that are each labeled “JEALOUSY / ENVY” and places them side by side on the floor between herself and GOD. God looks at these boxes and frowns. MIME 1 goes back to praying, but is obviously disturbed.
MIME 2 and MIME 3 enter together. They both are carrying an object now. They are dancing around, obviously happy with their treasured objects. MIME 1 looks up from praying and has a look of shock and hurt when she sees MIME 2 and MIME 3 with their objects.
MIME 2 and MIME 3 continue to dance around, polish their objects, and hold them up high with pride, as MIME 1 scratches her head and starts to think. MIME 1 then mimes getting an idea, turns with a very sneaky look on face. While MIME 2 and MIME 3 have stopped dancing and are admiring their objects, MIME 1 tries to sneak up on them from behind to snatch an object from them. MIME 2 and MIME 3 see what is about to happen, so just before their objects are snatched, they quickly run away with them. MIME 1 stands alone, looking at her empty hands.
Before exiting, MIME 2 and MIME 3 look back at MIME 1 and shake their heads disapprovingly at her.

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