• Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 23:27-28
deceit, dishonesty, masquerade.

Illusion: faces, masks

Cast: 5-6 mimes

Sample of script

Mime A is sad. Possible sound of church bells or an organ chord. 4 or 5 other mimes who have their backs to the congregation (audience) rotate into a praying position with reverent faces. Mime A begins to hurry over, suddenly stops, remembers something, returns to pick up an object, and hurries back over to the group. Right before reaching the group, mime A stops and puts on a mask of a pious face. Mime A then joins the group in praying.
Suddenly, another church bell (or organ chord) and the group begins smiling and shaking hands. Mime A begins shaking hands wearing the pious face. Mime A pauses and then suddenly turns to take off the pious face (which exposes the sad face) and then puts on a happy mask.
Mime A enters the social scene with the group of mimes.
Another church bell sounds and the group is again praying with pious faces. Mime A begins to pray with a smiling face. Again, A pauses and then suddenly switches back to the pious face.
With the next church bell, the group of mimes split into 2 groups. One group is praying and one group is socializing. Mime A tries to switch from group to group switching masks in between each group. The mime switches faster and faster. Suddenly, the pious mask gets stuck. In the social group, they are turned off by the pious mask and do not want to relate to A. Mime A returns to the praying group but continues to try to remove the mask. The other mimes notice and move slightly away from mime A. Mime A notices that they have moved away. Mime A stands between both groups and notices that both have moved away. The mime slumps as if sad though still wearing the pious face.

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