Misusing the Vessel

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Corinthians 9:25-27
subjecting our bodies to abuse from lifestyle, drugs, alcohol.
Temperence, moderation, self control, will power.

Props - a plastic gravy boat or soup tureen, broken ceramic pieces and a box with a ledge on it.

Sounds - a dish breaking and an ambulance siren

Sample of script:

Actor #1 comes on, holding the dish very carefully and lovingly. Takes a large cloth out of pocket, carefully cleans the dish, breathes on dish, rubs some imaginary spot off.
Actor #2 watches from outside the acting area. After a little while Actor #2 begins to react negatively to all the care which Actor #1 is giving to the dish. Actor #2 increases the negative reactions, finally starts to walk over toward Actor #1.
Actor #2 stops, mimes to the crowd that s/he is going to take the dish away, that the dish is going to be hers / his, and that s/he is going to break the dish.
Actor #2 then continues over to Actor #1. Just before Actor #2 gets to Actor #1, Actor #1 lovingly sets the dish on the shelf, stands back admiring the dish.
Actor #2 taps Actor #1 on the shoulder, mimes "Hi", shakes hands with Actor #1. Actor #2 points to dish, mimes "can I hold it in my hands?"
Actor #1, kindly but very firmly answers, "no, that it is very breakable, we will leave it on the shelf". This would be done by miming a falling action with the hands, dabbing at eyes with a handkerchief, hands showing that the dish stays where it is on the shelf.
Actor #2 is increasingly insistent that s/he hold the dish, begs Actor #1 by getting down on knees, hands folded in prayer-like position. Actor #1 finally, reluctantly gives in, begs Actor #2 to please be careful. Actor #2 smiles at Actor #1, then turns to crowd and with a leer, winks.
Actor #2 turns back to Actor #1, holds dish with one finger, swings dish around and around. Actor #1 reacts in horror, tries without success to retrieve the dish, as Actor #2 keeps the dish just outside the reach of Actor #1.

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