Reliable Gift

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 6:23
Gifts of the world are nothing compared to the gifts God gives. A group of athletes are offered various things such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs but all are short benefit, and long term disaster, whereas the gift of God is forever. This mime skit shows how only God offers gifts which are reliable and satisfying.

Cast: 5+

Costumes: athletic wear, Satan wears black

Props: bag, small box to indicate cigarettes, bottle, etc., all with gift wrap or ribbons Either a sign “God is the reliable gift” or voice clip of this in local language

Sample of script:

Group of athletes come on stage, doing exercises, warming up as for a race.
Satan comes on stage, carrying a small bag, watches as this goes on, sneers at athletes, runs slowly but triumphantly in a circle, showing his great athletic ability.
Athletes show varying amount of attention, some are somewhat impressed.
Satan mimes lighting up cigarette, takes deep puffs, runs faster.
More athletes are impressed.
Satan opens bag, takes out package of cigarettes, tied with a ribbon to show as a gift. Offers it to the athletes, they show interest but will not take the gift. Satan mimes lighting up another cigarette, and now runs even faster.
Satan again offers the gift of cigarettes, #1 athlete takes the gift, quickly tears the package open, mimes lighting a cigarette, runs in a circle, miming strength and also macho image as s/he smokes.
After a very short time #1 athlete starts to show sickness, starts to cough, grabs throat, falls to the ground, lies still. Satan laughs as this happens. Another athlete comes over, lifts A1’s hand, lets it fall to the ground to show death.
Some athletes come and carry A1 off stage, another athlete disdainfully kicks the cigarette package off stage.
All athletes start warmup exercises again, ignoring Satan. Satan watches them, “gets an idea” and mimes taking a drink from a bottle.
Satan then runs in a circle showing his power and speed, drinking as he runs. Athletes show some interest so Satan opens bag again, takes out a bottle with a ribbon on it, offers it to athletes. Athlete A2 shows interest but other athletes try to prevent A2 from taking the gift, miming the fact that the gift of cigarettes has killed A1.
Satan shows even more speed and dominance by miming taking another drink and running even more quickly.
A2 is now convinced and so takes the gift bottle from Satan, mimes taking a drink runs quickly and confidently , running backwards, showing off. Other athletes mime alarm, pointing at danger, A2 looks around mimes seeing something coming at him, too late, “is hit” by something, falls to the ground dead.

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