• Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs 3:9
This mime shows that looking back success throughout our life is living a life honouring God.

Illusion: suitcase

Cast: 1 mime, several groups of mimes

Sample of script

Mime A as an older person enters with a suitcase. Mime A opens the suitcase and picks up a blanket. The mime rubs the blanket against his/her face and smiles. Slowly the mime rotates in a circle and when the mime is facing the audience, he/she is playing a child. The child is sucking his/her thumb. Child looks to God and offers the blanket. The child is pleased. Then, the mime offers his/her thumb to God. The child is happy as he/she rotates again. When the mime is facing front, he/she is playing the older person again.
Next, Mime A takes out a baseball cap, a glove, and a ball. Again, the mime enters the dream with a rotation. When the mime finishes the rotation, he/she is a youth. Other mimes are also on stage with their backs to the audience. They also rotate on Mime A’s rotation and they all enter active positions of playing a game of baseball. On the side of the game is a mime who is slightly bent over. A ball is hit to this character. Another mime walks over to the bent-over mime, grabs the ball, and arrogantly turns. The slightly bent-over mime is saddened.
Another ball is hit to the bent-over mime. Mime A walks over and takes the ball and walks away. Suddenly Mime A stops and pauses, and then looks heavenward. Then, Mime A turns and tosses the ball. The bent over character catches the ball. The others are surprised. Mime A motions for the bent-over character to come over and join the game. They all begin to play. Slowly they all rotate and Mime A becomes old once again.
Mime A now picks up a small piece of clothing, smiles and turns. When the mime transitions to become an adult, he/she is holding a baby.

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