Stealing Joy

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 6:31
Mime is all about robbing others of their happiness

Any number of mimes

A smiling Actor #1 wanders about stage, meeting with other actors who have a sad look about them. As Actor #1 touches, pats backs of the sad actors their frowns gradually turn to smiles and eventually to laughter. Finally the other actors run off happily leaving Actor #1 alone.
While this is going on Actor #2, dressed in black is lurking about the perimeter of the acting area. Actor #2 is frowning, scowling, muttering to himself. After the other actors leave the acting area, Actor #2 gradually circles Actor #1, getting closer and closer. suddenly Actor #2 reaches out, and without actually touching Actor #1, seems to "take a piece of Actor #1's smile". Actor #1 reacts by touching his own face, a look of hurt and sadness comes over his face. Actor #2 puts a little of the "smile" on his own face.
Actor #2 repeats this several times, gradually taking more and more of Actor #1's smile. This results in a gradual change on both actor's faces, as Actor #1 takes on an increasingly sad face, while simultaneously Actor #2's face becomes more happy and triumphant.

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