The Good Bikers

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 10:31-37

A parallel to the Good Samaritan tells of a group of arm-waving, head-wiggling business people lay on the side of a road watching zipping cars pass by them.

Likely approximately 10 actors

This script can be used as a sidecoach narrative in which participants hear the story for the first time and create movement spontaneously. The story can also be used as narration for a practiced, rehearsed mime piece. We split participants into three groups. One group plays the business people. One group plays the truckers. The last group plays the bikers.

Once upon a time, several businesspersons were walking from (choose a local town) to (choose another local town or city). They walked very quickly with very small itty bitty steps. Suddenly, they stopped and stood at the side of a busy road. Standing straight, they stuck out their heads and all looked to their right. They watched one car go by and it went ZIP to the left. And right when it did, they bent their legs and stuck out their tongues. They laughed. Then, they stood up straight. This was a busy street with many cars. Each time a car went by, they bent their legs and stuck out their tongues. Then, they would stand up straight. They did it again, ZIP, and again, ZIP, and again, ZIP.
Soon, a caravan of truckers came very slowly down the road. The trucks bounced up and down on the road throwing the bubble gum-chewing truckers all over. The group of businesspeople saw the trucks and again bent their legs and stuck out their tongues. while wiggling their heads. Right then the trucks kicked up huge piles of gravel that hit the people right in the mouth. The businesspeople fell on the ground with their heads still wiggling and their arms waving in the air.
The trucks traveled on unaware of what had happened. Meanwhile, the arm-waving, head-wiggling businesspeople were too befuddled to get up. So, they waved their arms and heads even more.
What would they do? Would anyone stop? Cars went zipping by one after another and no one stopped. Quite a long time passed and no one had stopped and the arm-waving, head-wiggling businesspeople wondered if they would be helped.
Then a group of bubble gum-chewing motorcycle bikers who looked a lot like the truckers came down the road. They bounced on their bikes as they traveled down the road. Suddenly, they saw the businesspeople and stopped. They looked at the arm-waving, head-wiggling businesspeople and wondered what was wrong. The arm-waving, head-wiggling businesspeople couldn’t say anything due to the gravel in their mouths.

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