The Juggler And the Thief

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 23
Mimes tell the story, "I want what you have!" and take what they want.

Two mimes on stage

Sample of script

Juggler comes on stage, could be juggling two balls, or even better, juggling three colorful silk cloths, (since this would be easier and would slow down the action more). Another actor who plays a thief will lurk around the perimeter of the acting area, an evil leer on face. Juggler acts that s/he doesn't see Thief. Thief will reach over Juggler's shoulder, almost steal a cloth, Juggler turns at the perfect time so that Thief doesn't quite get the cloth. Thief grimaces, a kind of "Oh, rats!" reaction. Thief then again goes back to lurking.
Finally Thief reaches in front of Juggler, takes a cloth, laughs, scoffs at Juggler, throws cloth up in air, taunts Juggler with it. Juggler reaches for stolen cloth but can't get it back. Juggler then tries to put on a good front, juggling two cloths. However Juggler will look around at Thief, make it obvious that it is not as good with only two cloths.
Thief, seeing Juggler apparently having fun with only two cloths, decides s/he too will juggle. Thief takes his one cloth, throws it in the air, catches it, repeats several times, each time Thief's face is less happy. Thief keeps looking over shoulder at Juggler, Thief starts to use the cloth as an ornament - in pocket, tied around head as a bandana, trailing behind as Thief runs about. Thief gets progressively more sad, finally just quits, slumped over, moping.
Juggler stops juggling, looks at Thief, an increasing smile on Juggler's face. Finally Juggler goes over to Thief, hands Thief his/her two cloths. Thief snatches them away, happily starts juggling the three cloths, excited.

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