The Offering

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 10:8

Offering God our heart. We discover that it is only in giving that we shall receive. The blessings are unending.

Illusion - suitcase Props - offering plate (all others are mimed)

Cast - 1 mime

Sample of script:

Mime enters with very heavy and full suitcase. Then approaches an offering plate. Mime puts the suitcase down and reaches into a pocket and removes a very small coin. The mime places the coin in the offering plate and raises the plate heavenward. After bringing the plate down and looking inside, the mime is surprised to see the coin still in the plate. The mime takes the coin and puts it back into the pocket.The mime will next offer a watch. The head can incline from one side to the other with a robotic motion to simulate the ticking of the clock.
Again, the watch is placed in the plate. The plate raised over head and lowered. The mime is surprised again to find the watch.
Next, the mime opens the suitcase. Here you have room to create, personalize, and play with the sketch. Pick objects that fit your audience. Here are a few examples to start your brainstorming:
• A ball (or a golf club) is taken from the suitcase and the mime suddenly goes into remembering playing a baseball (golf) game.
• An entire computer could be pulled from the suitcase, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. The monitor’s shape can be outlined with the fingers to quickly create the square shape. Typing on the keyboard will establish that component. The mime can sit and type for a moment and then look one way and the other and begin playing a video game (possibly with sound effects added if you wish).
• A picture frame is taken from the suitcase. Again, outlining the shape of the object with the hands or fingers quickly establishes many objects. Put the picture frame to your heart and begin to remember someone. With a turn you are in the memory and may act out a specific memory with the person from the photograph. When you return with another rotation, the frame is again at your heart.
Each object is offered to God in the plate. The plate is returned with the object remaining.
The mime is sad and places a sad hand over his/her heart. The hand begins to beat with the heart. Suddenly, the mime is aware of an idea.

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